Editorial Calendar

Here's a look at CMSWire's upcoming Editorial Calendar — please note that we will have dual editorial focuses throughout the year. We reserve the right to be a bit flexible with our themes. With that said, the following is a good guide for where we are headed in the coming months.

We accept vendor neutral bylines in support of these focuses. If you're interested in contributing an article, review our submission guidelines and drop us a line — please do not send product pitches. 

2019 Calendar

Month Theme 1 Theme 2
Jan Modern Digital Teams: How to Build an Agile, Customer-Obsessed Culture The State of Digital Literacy: The Key to Digital Workplace Success
Feb How Voice Experience Is Poised to Revolutionize Customer Experience Practices The Future of Work: Chatbots, Digital Assistants and AI/ML Go Mainstream
March Voice of the Customer (VoC) Strategies: Effectively Turning Feedback Into Action Employee-Driven Design: Creating the Digital Workplace
April Expectations of the Emerging CDP Marketplace The Metrics of the Digital Workplace: How to Measure Success
May Next-Generation Customer Experience KPIs: Metrics for the Modern Age Digital Workplace Platforms in 2019 — Where's the Innovation?
June Effective Leadership: Building a Data-Driven Culture Creating a Culture and Practice of Agile Innovation
July CMO Challenges: Tech Expectations, Status of CX and What's Driving Growth Change Management and Culture Shift: The Missing Link in Digital Workplace Success
Aug Customer Experience Leadership: Baking Customer Success and Insights Into Your Core Sustaining Collaboration: How Leading Businesses Are Advancing Productivity
Sept AI, Automation and Customer Data: Scale, Context and Customer Activation Collaboration Hubs: Creating Order Out of Chaos — What's Working
Oct Reimagining the Customer Journey: Strategies and Assumptions for 2020 Voice of the Employee: Transforming Culture Through Modern Listening Strategies
Nov Creating an Effective Digital Customer Experience Strategy The Changing Workforce: How Businesses Must Adapt to Stay Competitive
Dec Ethical Customer Engagement in a Big Data World Where AR and VR Fit in the Digital Workplace

2020 Calendar

Month Theme 1 Theme 2
Jan The Next Chapter in Customer Data Regulations: How Businesses Are Coping Advancing Learning and Digital IQ in the Workplace
Feb Measuring Customer Experience With VoC Data and Customer Journey Metrics Modeling, Measuring and Optimizing the Employee Journey: The Metrics and Practices That Matter
March Customer Acquisition Costs and Lifetime Value: Changing CX Priorities The Rise of Intelligent Applications and Platforms in the Workplace
April Balancing Self-Service and Direct Customer Support: Chatbots, Portals and More The State of Digital Workplace Tools: Challenges, Successes and New Breeds
May CDPs: Use Cases, Core Capabilities and Your Data Strategy Productivity Killers: Meetings, Notifications and Emails … Oh My
June Omnichannel Experiences: Strategies to Put Your DX Stack to Work Collaboration and Productivity Tools: How Monoliths and Best of Breed Are Finding Their Niche