CMSWire Editorial Calendar

CMSWire's Editorial Calendar provides our community with a view into our editorial priorities for the year. Note that each month has two focus areas, and while we strive for perfect advanced planning, we reserve the right to recalibrate as life on earth evolves.

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2023 Editorial Calendar

MonthTheme 1Theme 2
JanTop CMO Challenges & Opportunities in 2023Customer Experience Leadership: Fixing the Persistent Silo Problem
FebThe Composable DX Dream: Benefits, Challenges & Best PracticesMeasuring Customer Experience Success: Metrics That Matter in 2023
MarCDPs, DMPs, MAPs: Modern Customer Data & Orchestration ArchitecturesHigh Performing Call Centers: Intelligent Agents, Smart Platforms, Integrated VoC
AprEnterprise Web Operations: How the Best Get it DoneHow AI/ML is Transforming Ecommerce Experiences
MayThe Cookieless Future: Data Strategies for Personalization, Privacy & ComplianceDelivering World Class Customer Service: Leadership, Platforms, Culture
JunThe Internet of Everything: How Smart Tech is Changing Customer DemandsAugmented Customer Experiences - Top 2023 Use Cases
JulThe Post-Google Analytics Universal Era: Exploring New BI Solutions for 2023Leveraging AI and Data Analytics to Drive Effective Personalization Strategies
AugNavigating the AI Era: Innovative Strategies to Empower Customer Experience Teams and Drive ResultsMastering Omnichannel Engagement with Next-Generation Digital Experience Stacks
SepVoC Reinvented: Moving Beyond Surveys to Harness the Power of Voice and Text InteractionsStreamlining Success: Intelligent Automation for Enhanced CX Optimization
OctContact Center Disruption: LLMs and Company-Curated Training Sets are Changing the GameThe Evolving Role of the CMO: Preparing for the Next Decade of Marketing Leadership
NovUnifying Customer Experiences Through Journey Orchestration and Real-Time Interaction ManagementFostering Data Literacy and Data-Driven Decision Making Across the Organization
DecMartech and Digital Operations: Aligning Strategies for Maximum ImpactUnleashing the Power of Customer Data in 2024: Technologies, Innovations and Trends in Data Management