For years, WordPress users and enthusiasts have filled an annual survey to share how they feel about the platform. The results have served to guide the platform’s direction and it also shows users understand where the community is heading. WordPress recently released the results of its 2019 survey and they’re collecting data for the next one, so you’re welcome to participate in the 2020 survey, too.

This year’s results show that WP remains as the leading open source CMS mainly because it’s the CMS most people know by default and where they can find more community support. On the other hand, users also report increasing frustration with updates and the Gutenberg editor.

Joomla 4 Beta 5 Is Open for Testers

The Joomla Project announced the availability of Joomla 4 Beta 5. Users are now invited to install and test the new release to see what can be done and improved in the forthcoming release. 

Among the differences between Beta 4 and Beta 5, we can find that the "Control Panel" is now called "Home Dashboard," fixes errors in some Joomla 3 plugins, doc-block updates, and over 200 bugs squashed thanks to the community.

If you want to become a tester, join Joomla 4 Beta 5.

SEOSamba Announces New Version

SeoSamba announced SeoToaster Ecommerce v3.2, a new version of their eCommerce platform that includes an improved shopping cart system as well as offline sales, networked catalogs, and new integrations. Also, the company announced that SeoToaster Ultimate CRM is now available for mobile devices.

Learning Opportunities

Concrete5 Receives Award

On a similar note, Concrete5 announced that it has been recognized as a champion in the 2020 Web Experience Management Emotional Footprint report from Software Reviews. The award is based on the emotional response ratings for both vendor-client relationship and product effectiveness. You can read more about their announcement on their home page. 

More Open Source News 

Drupal is inviting business users to share their vision on the Drupal Business Survey 2020. The survey aims at collecting information from businesses and agency leaders about the future of Drupal and the impact of COVID-19 in their operations during 2020. Join the 2020 Survey and share your thoughts. 

The Typo 3 Association met for their third annual retreat to review the state of the company in 2020 and plan for the future. Among the main topics they covered during the meeting we can find changes to the membership types, improvements in the relationship management, and a new Slack channel for members of the TYPO3 community. If you want to learn more about what happened during the meeting, check the TYPO3 Board Report.

Finally, Liferay announces that Liferay Commerce 3.0 is available for users. Commerce is fully compatible with Liferay DXP 7.3 and includes improved subscription management and an update for the administrator’s user experience that makes day-to-day work easier.