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WordPress Builds Design Assets Library, Plone Moves Toward Plone 6 and More News

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WordPress builds a design assets library, Plone moves toward Plone 6, Drupal 9.2.0 enters Alpha Phase, and TYPO3 releases a maintenance update.

The WordPress Design Library is a library of WordPress design assets. The library enables everyone to create design prototypes for WordPress UI in Figma.

Tools like Figma are helpful for designers when creating and prototyping new UI components as well as for anyone looking to contribute ideas, enhancements, or even solutions to bug reports. Creating designs with tools like Figma enables rapid ideation on new interfaces by removing mundane processes that one would ordinarily have to work through. 

Plus, by connecting Figma with WordPress, UX and UI designers can build prototypes that translate natively to WordPress, sharply reducing effort duplication. Read more about WordPress and Figma here.

Plone Moves Toward Plone 6

There is a continuous effort to move things towards Plone 6 with major updates to Volto and Plone REST API. Plone 6 comes with major updates to Volto and Plone REST API 7. For example, Plone REST API 7 introduces a new link-integrity feature for block-based pages. Volto 12, on the other hand, comes with an improvement to the add-on ecosystem that introduces a new configuration registry that avoids circular dependencies. 

One of the benefits of Volto for Plone is that it introduces block-based page layouts that store a JSON structure internally instead of HTML. This more structured way of storing page content and layout information allows more complex page layouts in Plone.

Plone REST API 7 and Volto 12 are two very important releases on the road to Plone 6. The next step for Plone will be to create another branch of Plone REST API that supports Python 3. Read more about the changes here.

Learning Opportunities

Drupal 9.2.0 Enters Alpha Phase

In preparation for the minor release, Drupal 9.2.x will enter the alpha phase the week of May 3 2021. Two weeks after the alpha release, the first beta release will be created, and all the restrictions of the alpha release apply to beta releases too. 

All issues filed against 9.1.x will then be migrated to 9.2.x, and subsequent bug reports should be targeted against the 9.2.x branch. However, keep in mind that the scheduled release date for Drupal 9.2.0 is June 16, 2021.

Read more about Drupal’s new release here

TYPO3 10.4.15 Maintenance Release Published

Version 10.4.15 of the TYPO3 Enterprise CMS has just been released. This new release is a maintenance release that builds off the previous one, which means that it doesn’t require database upgrades except for a minor change regarding the file size for sessions in the database. Read more about the release here

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