Implementing a publishing workflow can streamline content production, which is why Joomla decided to improve its workflow process in Joomla 4. 

If you've been using Joomla for a while, you'll be familiar with the traditional status types: Published, Unpublished, Archived and Trashed. However, the truth is that sometimes content editors skip or miss parts of the workflow and compliance and governance processes ensue. 

Two changes have been implemented in Joomla 4. The first applies whether or not you have workflow implemented on your site. Workflow changes how status types are used. It also impacts the Featured status for articles, which there's an additional change to note for Joomla 4. Read more about Joomla's workflows here.

Feedback Needed for Drupal 10 Starterkit

Drupal has been providing subtheming capabilities for over a decade, and the best practice so far has been to subtheme the core Classy theme. With the Classy theme, you get common CSS classes and usual markup for a Drupal site. 

Classy's problem is that it hasn't been receiving updates since Drupal 8.0.0, because most changes are not possible without breaking backwards compatibility. To solve this problem, its working on a new custom theme creation process and base theme to replace Classy in Drupal 10. 

Drupal's new starterkit theme will serve as a theme to be copied and used on a new theme's creation, allowing frontend developers to get a theme that serves as a starting point for a new website's creation. Drupal is looking for developers to test the new starterkit. You can read more about it here.

Liferay DEVCON 2021 Has Ended

Liferay's virtual developer conference, DEVCON 2021, has concluded, and you can watch the recordings here. Speakers included Brian Chan, Chief Software Architect at Liferay, Reza Esfahanian, Co-founder and CTO at Kipoly, and William Dunn President of Dunn Solutions. Cloud strategy, DevOps, and eCommerce were among the topics discussed. 

Learning Opportunities

Join TYPO3 General Assembly

Join the TYPO3 General Assembly and be part of an important moment in the democratic life of the TYPO3 project. The assembly empowers the TYPO3 community with infrastructure and guidance.

The next TYPO3 General Assembly will be held on 13 April 2021. However, due to COVID-19, this year, the General Assembly will be a fully online event like last year. 

In this year's assembly, the TYPO3 Association will cover:

  • TYPO3 annual report
  • Complains against executives
  • Presentation of the program of activities
  • The results of the online voting for the board of Business Control Committee

Register for the assembly here.

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