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Jboye11 News & Analysis

A Focus on Social Business & Digital Marketing Strategies #jboye11

The Denmark based internet conference import, J Boye, has concluded its 2011 conference in Philadelphia, PA. Attendees from multiple countries, met, networked, discussed and were educated on how to leverage emerging technologies to construct their tactical and strategic plans. Most participants were just happy to learn that others are having the exact same challenges as them.

(video) Jon Udell Keynote: Tags Are Information Services + 7 Ways to Think Web #jboye11

The Web, according to Jon Udell, is constructed of a number of small, easy to understand building blocks. Yet while billions of people make use of the Web every day, few really understand its fundamental concepts. This leads to a poor use of the Internet and greatly reduces the reach and effectiveness of the information produced.

According to Udell, by creating products and information services in accordance with the key concepts, we can make the Web a better place -- one that is is more useful to humanity as a whole.

Udell's seven key Web concepts:

  1. Authority
  2. Indirection
  3. Structure
  4. Naming
  5. Scope
  6. Publish / Subscribe
  7. Services

This morning at the J. Boye 2011 conference in Philadelphia Jon expanded on each of these ideas. In the following video is he spends 44 minutes digging through the details and illustrating them via a pet project called Elm City.

You may want to skip around if you're viewing this at work. We also apologize for the dim video lighting -- we were shooting in a low light environment with a bright background. Not ideal.

Here is a section index for the video: Topic Introduction (00:00-07:18), Elm City Example Project Intro (07:18-10:18), Authority Concept Discussion (10:19-14:39), Indirection Concept Discussion (14:40-19:28), Structure Concept Discussion (19:29-26:10), Naming Concept Discussion (26:11-34:34), Scope Concept Discussion (34:35-38:38), Publish/Subscribe Concept Discussion (38:39-41:10), Services Concept Discussion + Wrap-up (41:11-End).

What I enjoyed most about Jon's talk was the discussion of tags as information services. I think this is an extremely powerful idea and one that is probably under appreciated. We tend to rely on Google or some form of an index to locate information we want. But tags used well have almost the same mind-boggling power as a major search engine, without requiring anything like the same brain or CPU power. Jon illustrated this with a Yahoo! Pipes example and discussed the concepts more generally in the "Naming" part of the video (minutes 26:11-34:34).

Intranet Strategy, Web Engagement On Day Two of #jboye11

j_boye.png After an afternoon of networking, socializing, playing Kentico’s version of rock-paper-scissors and learning that Magus won Web Idol on day one, web professionals are starting conference day two of J Boye Philadelphia 2011.

Content Strategy, Web CMS and Screams at #JBoye11

j_boye.png We finished with conference day 1 of J.Boye 2011. Today I’ve focused on the web content management and online strategy tracks, attended Bob Boiko’s opening keynote and unfortunately managed to disrupt the HTML5 session conducted by Philippe Le Hegert of the W3C with a blood-curdling scream.

Boiko: Today Information Management is in the Conversation Age #jboye11

Amidst the near deafening roar of chirping and tweeting, to say that we're living in the age of the conversation might seem obvious. However, when information scientists, like Bob Boiko take the line, it's generally worth a listen.

Here at the J. Boye '11 conference in Philadelphia Boiko started the day with a talk entitled Social Media and Information Strategy. The lens he's looking through is comprised of the fundamental elements of human conversation and how these are playing an increasingly important role in extracting value from enterprise information. 

Kicking Off J Boye with Web Analytics and a Web Idol Contest #jboye11

j_boye.pngInternet and intranet professionals will have an opportunity to share ideas in a non-vendor environment at the first day of J.Boye Philadelphia 2011 Conference. The content filled conference offers participants 60 speakers, 8 tracks, 8 three-hour tutorials and the opportunity to network with peers from all over the world.

J.Boye Conference for Intranet & Web Professionals Headed to Philly, Join Us There #jboye11

The J.Boye Conference for intranet and web professionals is only a couple of weeks away in Philadelphia. This is one of the few conferences that is all about best practices, strategies and real-world experiences -- there are no exhibitors, no marketing presentations. So pull on your best pair of jeans and join us. Here's what you can expect.

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