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So Many Channels - and Customers Still Like the Phone

Despite the fact that customers have multiple ways to interact with companies, they still prefer the phone. At least that's the finding of a new study by NICE Systems, which rated contact centers as the most important customer channel.

It's worth noting that NICE is a provider of contact center solutions. Even so, there does seem to be some validity in the research: It confirms another study by CX Act, a customer experience improvement firm, which showed the most frequently used and most effective customer touch point is personal contact by phone.

News Bites: Learn E-Commerce from Google Analytics, Discover Tealium's DIY Marketing Cloud, More


This week: Tealium launches do-it-yourself marketing clouds, LightCMS provides a platform for websites and stores, Google Analytics offers a course and NICE Systems helps to optimize the journey of NICE customers.

NICE Systems Wants to Hear Your Voice

Sometimes, proving who you are can be difficult. To make phone authentication easier, customer interaction management provider NICE Systems has unveiled its real-time authentication solution that requires only your voice.

The system's Seamless Passive Enrollment process creates a voice print from previous callings, so that users do not have to set up their own voice profiles.

"If a customer has called before, they can be automatically authenticated using their voice the very next time they call," NICE Enterprise Group Yochai Rozenblat said in a statement.

A Look Back: 5 Customer Experience Trends from 2013

A Look Back: 5 Customer Experience Trends from 2013Customer experience management has never been more comprehensive or sophisticated. And that's a good thing because customers have never been more demanding, connected or empowered — realities that became exceptionally clear this year.

Nobody puts consumers in the corner anymore — or anywhere else, for that matter — at least if they have long-term plans to stay in business. 2013 was the year customer experience management (CXM) matured and expanded, exploding from websites to mobile devices, brick-and-mortar stores, customer contact centers and more.

In retrospect, 2013 may go down as the year marketers shifted their focus from broad, amorphous groups of customers to targeted, personalized, omnichannel, shared experiences for each one. It was, in many ways, a seismic shift in attitude, powered by five key customer experience trends.

NICE Systems Acquires Causata for Big Data Insights Across the Web, Call Center

NICE Systems, big data, acquisition, causata From the NICE Systems' website

Digital customers leave a huge trail of data, and analyzing that Big Data has become a big deal for anyone looking to understand them. This week, Israel-based NICE Systems announced it was buying San Mateo, California-based Causata, whose real-time Big Data analytics technology can increase NICE’s ability to provide insights for customer interaction in contact centers and elsewhere. 

NICE Systems Brings Video Recording to Customer Contact Centers

Video Recording Screenshot.jpg

For contact centers, video is one of the final frontiers. This week, Israel-based interaction management provider NICE Systems announced a Contact Center Video Recording solution so that video conferencing between customers and agents can be monitored and used to improve performance.

Game On: NICE Systems and Bunchball Gamify Workforce Optimization Solutions

NICE Systems Gamification

Can enterprise call center employees be motivated by gamification techniques? Performance optimization provider NICE Systems and gamification vendor Bunchball think so, and have formed a partnership to help improve performance among customer-facing and back office employees by using virtual challenges, contests and quests.

NICE Systems Launches Customer Engagement Analytics Platform

Understanding what online customers are doing, and predicting what they will do, has become a major part of contemporary e-Commerce. But, with so many online channels and so many types of customer actions, how best to capture, display and interpret? Toward this end, customer analytics provider NICE Systems is now offering it Customer Engagement Analytics (CEA) platform, which it described as the “industry’s first to combine interaction and transaction analysis.” 

Smartphone or Dumbphone? NICE Mobile Reach Rethinks Customer Experience

Ask someone about a recent customer service experience, and you’re likely to get a diatribe about self-help menus that don’t help, voice response systems that fail to understand you or what you want, having to repeat (or enter) the same information over and again, and so on. The rant typically ends with the oath, “I’m never going to do business with Company X again.”

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