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Big Data Gets Big Money for Big Reasons


Companies have been throwing money hand over fist into the predictive analytics, data management and business intelligence world over the last few weeks. And while it would be easy to toss all of these under the "Big Data" umbrella, it's more interesting to look at these deals in light of the challenges that each will solve.

Let's take a quick look at five transactions: $225 million total to Birst, Health Catalyst, Localytics and Ayasdi as well as Apple's recent acquisition of FoundationDB.

Looking at these deals helps show existing analytic and data challenges and where new competitors are coming into the market to partner with and challenge traditional players like Oracle, Teradata, IBM, SAP and Microsoft.

How to Measure Facebook Fans from Device-to-Device


Metrics are certainly important in comparing the performance history of a digital marketing campaign. But that comparison is getting harder as customers gain new ways to access online platforms and services.

Facebook has worked to ease that comparison for marketers. The popular social media platform announced a cross device reporting protocol, a means to assess performance of advertising across devices. The cross device reporting will enable marketers to see how people are balancing desktop, mobile and tablet before they make a conversion.

This new cross device solution enhances analytic strategies related to the social media platform.

Social Media Briefs: LinkedIn, Social Analytics and a Social Celebration


This week, LinkedIn announced new features, a partnership and a milestone, while several social analytics tools launched. This weekend, we're getting ready to celebrate World Social Media Day. What's not to love?

Social Media Briefs: Pinterest, Yahoo Update Search, Anametrix Socializes Data

The first week of June brought a host of social media updates, especially where search is concerned. Let’s take a look. 

Turning Twitter Experiences into Meaningful Customer Engagement

The Twitter experience has been evolving for some time now. While it has helped brands engage with their audience in new ways, collecting the insights associated with individual experiences can still be a challenge. Today, Fan Appz, has added new suite of Twitter experiences to its real-time customer feedback platform. The new experiences are designed to make it easier for brands to engage with fans and followers on Twitter while collecting valuable customer feedback they can use to be better marketers.

The Future of Social Analytics and the Customer Journey

All month, we’ve discussed how to grow and engage online communities. But how can companies use social data analytics to move beyond listening and engaging with customers to drive business and create advocates? We spoke with the folks at SDL to learn more about the future of social analytics.

SugarCRM Tightens NextPrinciples Partnership to Bring More Social Insights to CRM

Leading up to its annual SugarCon event this month, SugarCRM has announced an expanded partnership with NextPrinciples, a social analytics company.

Track Social Media Trends With Topsy Alerts & Reports

Despite the plethora of social media analytics and intelligence tools in the world, there are only a few that are really worth a closer look. Topsy is one of them. Topsy provides a social search engine and social analytics tool with freemium and premium models. Today, Topsy introduces two new alerting tools designed to analyze billions of social conversations and deliver timely updates about relevant topics, breaking news and emerging trends.

ePrize Launches Facebook Analytics Service to Focus Marketing Campaigns

Is social media worth the expense and effort? The answer to that question depends on the results, and the results depend on the data analytics. To help marketers make sense of social data, digital engagement provider ePrize has unveiled a new social analytics reporting service based on Facebook information.

Enter Swipp - Another Way to Let Us Know How Much You Love or Hate Something

You pick a topic like “hot chocolate,” move your finger across a slider to indicate how much your love or hate it, and a number value and smiling/frowning animated face reflects your expressed feeling. Then you see how others rate it. Welcome to Swipp -- a new “social intelligence platform” for both consumers and businesses. 

NextPrinciples Offers Insights with New Social CRM Solution

Social analytics/CRM technology provider NextPrinciples is releasing a new solution called Insight-to-Action that the company terms an integrated social analytics and engagement platform for medium-to-large-sized users.

Infochimps Releases Big Data Analytics Cloud Service

Database-as-a-service platform provider Infochimps is introducing Enterprise Cloud -- a new Big Data cloud service aimed at Fortune 1000 companies having trouble harnessing data from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to help drive their business decisions.

Successful Social Intelligence Measurement According to Forrester

Although social media’s value as a branding and customer engagement tool is well-recognized, measuring how branding and engagement actually occur remains a tricky proposition. Social data contains substantial insights for marketers, but unless they can locate and analyze them in close to real time, the true value of those insights will go unrecovered.

TrueLens Raises US$1.2 million, Releases Social Data Analysis Tool

It may be a small change, but TrueLens, a social media marketing start-up created by a group of marketing specialists and MIT technologists, announced that it has raised US$ 1.2 million in a funding round led by Google Ventures and will launch a social data analysis tool called Socialgraphics. 

Wisemetrics Offers Users a More Well-Rounded Facebook Analytics Report

Wisemetrics, a Facebook analytics tool, has launched today. With its software, Wisemetrics aims to improve its client's social impact and engagement by giving them a more complete analytics report.

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