Telligent Updates and ReBrands Community Solutions, New Analytics Solution It's a day for news on the Enterprise 2.0 front and Telligent (news, site) wants you to hear what they've been hard at work on. It's about that time of the year when Telligent offers up a new version of their community solutions. This time, instead of simply a new version number with some new functionality, we get major products upgrades and new branding to boot.

Say goodbye to Community Server, Community Server Evolution and Harvest Reporting Server. Say hello to Telligent Community 5.0, Telligent Enterprise 2.0 and Telligent Analytics 3.0.

Oh, and for those of you interested in Telligent Graffiti, we have a little update, but don't get too excited.

The Changing World for Social Software

We once spoke with Telligent's George Dearing and Lawrence Liu, regarding communities. At that time, Dearing indicated that these types of solutions were very much becoming commoditized. A similar situation to what's happening in the Web Content Management market.

This is really not surprising because Web 2.0 technologies like blogs, wikis, social networking and microblogging have all become very well known and used both inside and outside the firewall to differing results.

So the question becomes, do we need another revamped community solution, with new functionality? Or do we need to look at things differently? Telligent founder and CTO (didn't hear that news? Read here) Rob Howard, believes we need to look at things differently.

Guiding Principles

There are some guiding principles that Telligent has used to design the latest version of their solutions. These are:

  • Tools need to be independent of information, otherwise we are just creating more information silos
  • Point-based applications are not the answer, the answer is the platform
  • Success is measurable and it is critical
  • The future is collaboration

Trends in the Enterprise

Howard spoke with CMSWire of three Trends they see happening today:

  1. Bridging the Convergence: Traditional methods of collaborating (like email) are converging with social computing and with enterprise IT. You aren't going to see these as three distinct areas in the enterprise much longer. What you will see is a converging of technologies that will provide business software that has social functionality built-in, enterprise integration and analytics play key roles.
  2. 1% Rule is Not Acceptable: Tools should not drive adoptions, information should enable adoption. You need to support the organization's culture and not simply provide solutions that meet the needs of heavy or intermittent contributors.
  3. Internal and External Collaboration:The models for internal and external collaboration are similar yet different. External Collaboration is all about listening, engaging, supporting and measuring. Internal collaboration is about collaborating, innovating, knowledge management and discovering. Although they are different, an underlying platform can be created to support them both.

Telligent's Community Solutions

To demonstrate their vision and guiding principles, Telligent has re-branded their community solutions to meet the guiding principles and trends discussed above.

Here's a look at what they now offer:

Telligent Enterprise 2.0

Formerly known as Telligent Community Server Evolution, Telligent Enterprise 2.0 is the Internal facing product that will encourage collaboration, brings in enterprise integration and a sense of community all in one. Key elements include:

  • Integration with existing IT systems such as SharePoint, enterprise search solutions, directories and more
  • Historical knowledge base
  • Expanded profiles and search capabilities
  • Creation of both business and social groups

Telligent Enterprise 2.0

Telligent Community 5.0

Telligent Community 5.0 is the public facing community solution designed to support customers and partners. There are a number of enhancements in this version including:

  • Twitter-like activity streams
  • Searchable user profiles and new, customizable profile
  • Social analytics to track and measure interactions
  • Expanded Search
  • Ability to convert email and forum content into wiki content
  • Channel creation via a simplified interface and drag and drop widgets
  • Full functionality for groups


Telligent Community 5.0

If you haven't noticed, there's quite a different between the design for Enterprise and the design for Community. We asked Howard about that. He said that users behave differently and thus the interface needs to work differently.

The external version (Telligent Community) provides organizations the freedom to match the experience to the brand.

Telligent Analytics 3.0

Telligent has made a major investment in their social analytics capabilities. Although Telligent Analytics isn't ready for full release, it is being shown as a preview at the Enterprise 2.0 conference today. What you will see is new features such as identifying top influencers and new reports that will help measure engagement.

There's a new section called Buzz that pays attention to information created outside the community. It is tracked by keywords as well as allowing the system to pick up keywords used frequently, bubbling them up to the top.