Interesting news in the pipeline for Telligent (news, site). Founder and CEO Rob Howard has released the reigns of the company he founded almost 5 years ago to Patrick Brandt.

Well, released the reigns -- sort of. Howard has been appointed the new CTO of Telligent. A position that he feels right at home in.

Turning Over the Reigns

In an interview with Brandt and Howard, Howard said it really wasn't that hard to leave the CEO position. The technology is what he is passionate about and working full time as CEO wasn't giving him the time he really wanted to work on Telligent's product and technology strategy.

The decision to bring in a new CEO and name Howard CTO was made in conjunction with the Telligent Board of Directors. It was felt that spending time scouring the world for a new CTO (the role has been empty since Jason Alexander's departure) would have been a disservice to Howard.

Solid CEO Experience

Brandt and Howard met six months ago and Brandt became an Advisor to the Telligent Board of Directors. Brandt said that it was Howard's vision and leadership in the community market that attracted him to Telligent.

Brandt seems a good fit for Telligent. Although he doesn't have the community technology experience, he does have extensive experience in the enterprise software market, as founder and CEO of Skywire Software for the past eight years. With Skywire sold in July of 2008, Brandt went on to be Chairman and CEO of iWave Software, a spin-off of Skywire.

If Telligent is going to go hard after the enterprise, they will need a strong fully engaged CEO to help them. Howard's desire to work with the technology may not have hurt them, but it would not have given them a focused business plan and strategy -- this is what we expect to see from Brandt.

Brandt also joins the Telligent Board of Directors and continues to be Chairman of iWave.

Accelerating Product Development

Brandt also indicated that moving Howard to the CTO position will likely result in an accelerated investment in Telligent product development.

We aren't sure how much more accelerated you would want to get -- Telligent already produces new versions of Community Server every six months -- but it is good to see a focus on the technology and solutions. We expect that will this change will come new innovations from Telligent -- particularly around social analytics.