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For KANA, Customer Service Is Now About the 'Omni-Channel' - Page 2

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The Tipping Point

Companies also need to recognize that mobile and social media are more than just two additional channels, Norwood pointed out. “Social is completely integrated” into many channels, he said, and the “tipping point has been reached for mobile,” shifting the center of gravity for mediated customer-company interaction to devices that can be carried anywhere. Too often, he said, organizations have social media run by a separate team that “doesn’t really talk to customer service.”

Multiple channels create opportunities for customers and companies, but they also expose gaps between departments. Norwood added that “many of our more prescient customers are delivering” initiatives that are specifically designed to require marketing and customer service to work together in this new environment.

To Norwood, it’s “all about the concept of context.” Customers channel-surf, make decisions and purchases from mobile, then on the phone, then a laptop, and ending up in a physical store — or not. “If you, the business, are not transitioning that context with them,” maintaining a consistency across channels, he said, “you end up with annoyed customers.”

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