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Building business relationships means solving problems, but solving the little problems that pop up while solving the bigger problems is what companies like Kana and Sword Ciboodle do best.  Luckily for companies who do business with either, they'll now be doing business with both because Kana has now acquired Ciboodle.

Between the two companies, almost every aspect of customer relationship experience, web customer service and customer engagement is covered.

Kana Taking Advantage of Technology Explosion

This is the second Kana acquisition in the past few months as the company bought Trinicom in April. The addition of Trinicom's web customer service Saas, and now the Ciboodle contact center solution, makes Kana a force in the CRM space. Just how much of a force, we don't know yet, but Kana already is highly regarded by both Forrester and Gartner. Additionally, both Ciboodle and Kana already do business with dozens of Global 100 companies.

The Ciboodle One agent desktop system is designed to make it easy for customer service reps to respond to as many types of customer requests from as many different channels as fast as possible. Of course, that's always the goal, but Ciboodle does it with a slick single agent desktop, centralized display and synchronized collaboration tools. It means when customers from smartphones, tablets, laptops and work stations interact with a company's website, the system can respond by whatever way suits those types of customers best. 

The combination of KANA and Ciboodle...(will allow) the new company to focus on our customers' more strategic initiatives in emerging disruptive areas such as cloud computing, mobility, and big data analytics that will clearly differentiate KANA in its established markets and help penetrate new ones as well," KANA President and CEO Mark Duffell


Kana's Service Experience Management suite will integrate the Ciboodle One agent desktop system.

Complementary Systems for Many Customer Types

Because so much of what Kana and Ciboodle do is similar, the new combination will be able to really drill down into the kinds of problems that lead to poor customer service and failed conversions. Cibooble is particularly strong on business process management, contact center and the aforementioned agent desktop. Kana is noteworthy for its email response management, knowledge management and social listening. In June Kana announced its next generation WCS system, the Service Experience Management (SEM) platform, and so the Ciboodle integration may not be fully realized right away. 

SEM helps customers find the answers they need through chat, email or co-browsing, and by combining it with the Ciboodle agent desktop system, those answers could come even faster and more precisely. The new company will be operated under the Kana name, and will continue to support a customer base of around 900 public and private organizations like the LA County Dept. of Social Services, Yahoo! Music, Nokia and Hewlett-Packard.