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Badgeville Offers New SharePoint Gamification

2014-6-November-Badgeville SharePoint Gamification.jpg

SharePoint's not pretty. Adoption, therefore, can be slow.

Officials at gamification provider Badgeville believe they can change this by making SharePoint fun. And they're doing so with a new release of their gamification integration specifically for SharePoint.

Badgeville for SharePoint is the Redwood City, Calif., provider's next generation solution to add game, reputation and social mechanics to SharePoint community and collaboration environments. 

"SharePoint has a reputation of being a bit ugly," said Laura Lilyquist, vice president of marketing at Badgeville. "Companies are making transitions to SharePoint 2013 and are wanting to ensure that the migration is going to be worth it, that users are going to adopt it and be happy with SharePoint. So we're adding a gamification layer as part of this migration."

Reimagine Retail Inventory to Remove Customer Hurdles

2014-28-July-Vintage-Sneakers.jpgThe retail industry is at a crossroad. We've discussed omnichannel behavior for some time now -- both from a consumer and organizational perspective -- but we need to turn that discussion into strategy and action. Retailers are now challenged to use insight from data created across these channels to drive better business performance and meet customer expectations. Technology is they key to enabling this.

Nowhere has the explosion of omnichannel been felt more deeply than retail inventory. Monitoring, moving and replenishing stock was relatively simple when the only end point was the physical store network. But consumers now discover, browse and buy from retailers through a variety of channels -- physical, mobile, online -- through marketplaces and from Drop Ship Vendors (DSVs), which is creating more range, storage and fulfillment options than ever before.

SAP Jam's Approach to Social: It's All in the Work Patterns

2014-25-July-Loom.jpgThe social adoption and ROI discussions are getting louder as more and more enterprises implement social collaboration solutions and struggle to find success. Adoption and ROI are difficult areas to define, measure and implement. The Altimeter Group released a report on The Evolution of Social Business detailing how organizations that have implemented social have created technology silos and lack clear focus or strategy in how it should be deployed across the enterprise.

As social has become mainstream over the past few years, we have seen major software vendors across vertical markets and solution types integrate social into the fabric of their core products. Dion Hinchcliffe highlighted this trend in 2011 in his blog post “Putting Social to Work,” where he described the integration of social with ERP suites like Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, Microsoft and SAP.

I recently spoke with SAP's Social Software Solutions Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sameer Patel about social adoption and ROI. We discussed how SAP views these issues and how it developed the SAP Jam platform to address them. Its an interesting approach that's worth exploring in more depth.

Gamification: Game With the Concept?

Next year will be the year gamification fails. It’s a concept built on hype, and 80 percent of all programs will die by 2014, according to Gartner

Rajat Paharia disagrees — 100 percent. The founder of Bunchball, a provider of online gamification solutions, he thinks it is only logical, in a data-driven world, that organizations implement gamification strategies to motivate employees and customers, and recognize, reward and encourage a deeper learning of concepts for better business outcomes.

Which side of the gamification hemisphere are you on? Is it a fad or here to stay? We caught up this week with a few industry insiders to find out what they had to say.

Social Media Briefs: #FacebookDown, Twitter Goes Public

Some Facebook profiles and pages were down for a while this morning., a site created to tell you when popular web services are experiencing trouble, reported a widespread service disruption, likely from a server issue.

Facebook acknowledged in a statement that it "experienced an issue" that prevented some people from loading Timeline or Pages content for a "brief period" — several hours, by most estimates. The issue seems to be resolved now.

Meanwhile, in other social media news ...

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Say Media, Dropbox, Teradata, Yelp, Opera, Mozilla and Xerox (18-Apr-13)

Start off the New Year with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

Badgeville Appoints Experienced Cloud & Social Technology Exec, Kevin Comee, as CEO

Gamification and behavior management platform provider Badgeville has appointed Kevin Comee, an experienced cloud and social technology executive, as its new CEO.

Salesforce Picks Badgeville to Build Engagement with Apps

Cloud giant Salesforce has chosen Badgeville to drive engagement with its tools for building web apps.

Badgeville Gamification + Adobe's Marketing Cloud = Behavioral Data with Analytics #adobesummit

Badgeville is bringing its games-for-engagement platform to Adobe’s Marketing Cloud. The integration will allow marketers to design engagement programs that are based on insights obtained from Adobe’s marketing metrics combined with Badgeville’s behavioral data.

Socialtext Plays With Badgeville to Improve Employee Engagement

SocialText Plays With Badgeville to Improve Employee EngagementEarlier this fall, Badgeville announced the launch of its gamification and behavior management platform for Drupal. Today, enterprise social software provider Socialtext is getting in on gamification in the enterprise. Its has announced a partnership with Badgeville, in an effort to infuse gamification capabilities into a variety of applications, widgets, mobile and more.

Badgeville Releases Badgeville Embed, Gamification Solution for Developers

Gamification and behavior management platform provider Badgeville has launched Badgeville Embed. Embed makes it easier for software developers to include the company's game and social mechanics within applications.

Customer Behavior Can Unlock the Marketing Kingdom

By both understanding and driving customer behavior through the use of social media and gamification, marketers can solve an ongoing “engagement crisis” in today’s marketplace. In a session at this week's virtual event hosted by Marketo and Badgeville, “Good to Great Marketing,” Badgeville VP of Marketing Chandar Pattabhiram described why today’s consumers are so hard to engage and how marketers can use leading-edge tools and strategies to reach them.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Twitter, Badgeville, Ensighten, Digitas, Broadvision and Siteworx (8-Nov-12)

Start off Fall with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

Interview: Badgeville's Kris Duggan on Gamification's Power of Persuasion

If you believe that all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy, chances are you haven't experienced game mechanics in your workplace. 

Jive's New iPad 'Present' App Keeps Sales Professionals Up to Date

Enterprise social software provider Jive Software is introducing Jive Present, a tablet application designed to assist sales presentation and training efforts. The company is also releasing new enhancements to its core platform.

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