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SaaS-Based Content Management: Is the SMB Market Ready?

shutterstock_84794962.jpg Consumers are responding to data overload by turning to online content management services. The success of tools like Dropbox and Evernote is largely attributed to their distribution via the software-as-a-service business (SaaS) model, which leads to the following question:

Is the enterprise community, especially small and medium businesses, (SMBs) ready to adopt a SaaS model for their content management?

Limelight Networks Acquires Clickability for $10 Million

clickability_logo_2010.jpgToday the news dropped that San Francisco-based SaaS Web content management vendor, Clickability, which had previous raised more than US$ 15 million in backing, was purchased by Limelight Networks for US$ 10 million. Ouch. 

Buzzr Officially Launches Drupal SaaS Offering #drupalcon

AcquiaAnnouncements are often timed for the beginning of conferences, and Drupalcon Chicago 2011 is no exception. In addition to the official launch of Acquia's Drupal SaaS offering, Drupal Gardens, Buzzr (news, site) has also announced that their SaaS Web CMS -- a Drupal derivative -- has officially exited from beta into full production release. Let's take a look.

Acquia Releases Drupal Gardens From Beta, Announces New Dev Cloud

acquiaLogo.jpg Acquia (news, site), the commercial open source company offering Drupal Web CMS (news, site) support, products and services, has been busy solidifying its position as the first option everyone thinks of any time the words "cloud" and "Drupal" are used together.

OmniUpdate Adds Social Features to Web CMS

OmniUpdate Reports Record 2009 Revenues

OmniUpdate (news, site) -- the makers of the OU Campus Web CMS primarily targeted at the higher education market -- released version 9.3. The highlight of which is the ability to publish content to Twitter.

CMS Review: Squarespace - SaaS Web Publishing, Blogging Platform

squarespace-logo.jpgIn the hyper-competitive market of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web content management, vendors are desperate to stand out. Squarespace (news, site) differentiates its offering through in-line editing capabilities, an extensive embeddable widgets library, strong iPhone support and dynamic scalability behind the scenes. Sound like your cup of tea? Read on.

SaaS CMS Clickability Enters the Web Engagement Game

SaaS CMS Clickability Enters the Web Engagement Game

Web CMS vendors’ affection for web engagement is spreading faster than I can say WEM. SaaS CMS provider Clickability (news, site) is heading that direction as well with the release of Website Marketing Acceleration (WMA) module.

Osmek, A Hosted Web CMS To Take On Squarespace

Welcome Osmek, A Hosted Web CMS with a Twist I have given up trying to figure out if there is a limit to the number of products that can co-exist in the hosted web cms landscape. Just when you think the category is saturated, along comes an offering like Osmek looking to differentiate itself from the myriad of competitors.

SpringCM To Bring Government To Cloud-based Document Management

logo_springcm[1].gif  A new partnership between cloud content management provider SpringCM (news, site) and technology consulting company Acumen will bring cloud-based solutions to government agencies, particularly document management and workflow solutions.

CrownPeak SaaS CMS Adds Omniture's Test and Target Capabilities

CrownPeak_logo_2009.gifIf you don’t remember when CrownPeak (news, site) added their own testing, targeting and measurement tools last November, then don’t worry. They’re adding similar tools -- again -- but this time it’s via integration with Omniture (news, site).

OmniUpdate Reports Strong 2009 with CMS for Higher Education

OmniUpdate Reports Record 2009 Revenues

Crisis, what crisis? Almost every Web CMS vendor who has to or chooses to publicize their 2009 financials is reporting growth and bright future. Some are even going public. OmniUpdate (news, site) joins this joyous bunch and says 2009 was a success in its higher education focused web content management segment.

Last year was marked for OU as a year of record sales revenues. Other 2009 highlights include:

As with all privately-held companies, the amount of financial information being released is limited. For buyers looking to evaluate Web CMS products for higher ed verticals, record sales is probably a little too ambiguous to indicate the overall viability and stability of the company.

While growing revenue is good news, we’ll continue to watch OmniUpdate and update you on where these folks are headed.

Poll: What's Your Web CMS Focus in 2010?

Web content management got a lot of attention in 2009. The old way of doing things was declared over and a new way of thinking declared necessary. Many things changed, from the economic environment to the way Web CMS products are being built and deployed.

What we started seeing is that systems can't just slide by with basic functionality, or traditional deployment models. And one of the things we did before skipping out for our holiday break was to talk about the current trends in web content management.

Here's a recap:

  • Platform vs Specialization: We are seeing the division of WCM platforms and vendors offering specialized WCM point solutions. We are also having great discussions on the beloved WCM acronym and where its future lies.
  • Integration of Web Analytics: The needs to provide engaging user experiences is more important than ever before. But do we really need our analytics solutions to be tightly integrated? The debate is on.
  • Tightly Integrated Search: We've always had some kind of search within our WCMs -- or at least we should have -- whether it was part of the solution or third party. But now the move towards tighter integration is upon us.
  • Cloud Hosted vs SaaS: The battle for the cloud: is the best approach cloud hosted or SaaS? Some vendors will straddle the fence, while others will stand their ground.
  • Integration of Social Media: Lots of social media functionality in WCM systems, a little bit of WCM in social computing apps. Are the two converging? Or just battling for prime time real estate?

You can read the full article Emerging Trends in Web Content Management to get more detail, but we are curious to know:



Bridgeline Chalks Up a Record Year for 2009

Bridgeline Chalks Up a Record Year for 2009  It was a relatively good 2009 for many web content management vendors and Bridgeline (news, site) was no exception. The company announced record revenues and a nice increase in customer base for their fiscal year ending September 30, 2009.

SpringCM 5.4 Offers Enhanced Records Management Automation

SpringCM 5.4 Offers Automated Records Management CapabilitiesSpringCM (news, site) has brought out a new version of its SaaS based enterprise content management system today, adding features and functionality designed to support records management and make the lives of application developers a little bit easier.

CrownPeak CMS Launches Social Media-Friendly URL Shortener

CrownPeak CMS Launches Social Media-Friendly URL Shortener

CrownPeak (news, site) recognizes the importance of URL shortening for social media and social networking, while retaining the ability to measure that content through web analytics tools.

The news release of the CrownPeak URL Shortener allows CrownPeak CMS users to take advantage of the automatically generated short URLs, or modify them manually to create a customized URL. Voila, and we are social media-ready.

A job that can be done by services like and, is now handled within the CMS itself to generate and alike URLs.

Some of the uses of CrownPeak’s new URL Shortener include:

  • Web and social media content publishing with CrownPeak CMS ability to automatically publishe content directly into some popular social networks.
  • Web analytics integration (with CrownPeak Analytics, WebTrends, Omniture’s Site Catalyst, etc.) can be used to track both regular and short URL-ed pages with a breakout of the traffic.
  • URL illustrations for highlighting available content in CrownPeak CMS Social Networking Tools for further dissemination and re-use.

Being a module of the SaaS CMS, The CrownPeak URL Shortener is available to all current customers as part of their existing SLAs with no extra licensing fees.

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