Web analytics providers that offer predictive analytics, support for mobile applications, reach of partner programs and the ability to support customer implementation rank among the best, according to Forrester Research.

Forrester named the best of the best in this space in a Wave report released this week

Adobe, AT Internet, IBM and Webtrends lead the pack with strong web analytics offerings and strategies for the enterprise, according to the Forrester Wave for web analytics. 

Google is a “strong performer” that offers a premium product that’s gaining support for easy-to-use features. 

SAS Institute is a “contender,” offering a customer-intelligence-based alternative.

Adobe, Webtrends, IBM Still Lead

This was Forrester’s first Wave for web analytics since 2011. Adobe, IBM and Webtrends also were tabbed as leaders then. Back in 2011, IBM, Adobe, Webtrends and comScore were seen as leaders. AT Internet and Google were 2011 “strong performers,” and Yahoo came in as a “contender."

Demands have changed since 2011, however. According to Forrester Wave author James McCormick, enterprise users have demanded greater support for multichannel tracking, reporting and data management. Meanwhile, they need to balance increasingly strict requirements for data privacy and portability.

customer experience, Why These Six Web Analytics Providers Lead the Pack

“The relative performance of the vendors in this year’s evaluation reflects the ability of their web analytics technology and services approaches to strike the optimal balance between these conflicting needs,” McCormick wrote. “With this in mind, users should evaluate vendors based on their ability to support an organization’s current and future digital intelligence requirements.”

Adobe ‘Dominates’

Adobe has the largest number of enterprise web analytics clients, according to Forrester. In fact, it “dominates.”

Adobe recently packaged SiteCatalyst with Discover, Genesis, Data Warehouse, Report Builder, Dynamic Tag Management and Insight into a combined Adobe Analytics Premium offering, a component of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

“The recent acquisition of Satellite to boost its tag management capabilities, and the large team it maintains to support the product, demonstrates Adobe’s high level of commitment to this space,” McCormick wrote. “Adobe has set high expectations with its vision of making sophisticated analytics available and valuable to all marketers.”

Adobe must make advanced analytics more accessible to business users, according to Forrester.

IBM: Sharp Focus

Web analytics is a “key tenet” of IBM’s digital and customer analytics capabilities, which support cross-channel engagement tracking through all of IBM’s marketing, commerce and customer experience platforms.

“Based on the acquired Coremetrics platform,” McCormick wrote, “the vendor has continued to strengthen digital analytics by continuing to build out core analytics and data collection capabilities, supporting stronger integration of behavioral analytics, eCommerce platforms and the newly acquired Xtify mobile analytics solution.”