Google, Yahoo & AT Internet Surf Forrester's Web Analytics Wave Report

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Yesterday we discussed the leaders of The Forrester Wave: Web Analytics, Q4 2011, a report that highlights who's who in the market. This time around we're here with a review of the strong performers and contenders: Google, AT Internet and Yahoo. 

A Leader Recap

First, let's review the fantastic four that landed the top spot

Adobe, comScore, IBM, and Webtrends made this quarter's Leaders section for both their common and differentiating traits. Obviously all four vendors offer strong products with substantial market presence and a solid strategy, but as for the latter: Thanks to the acquisition of Omniture, Adobe has married web analytics with a broad digital marketing ecosystem. comScore is tinkering away at the best combination of audience and on-site measurement for a comprehensive view or Web presence. IBM has made web analytics a key component of its enterprise marketing management portfolio, and Webtrends provides one of the most complete, cross-channel digital analytics solutions available. 

Trailing Behind

Trailiing in at a close second are two companies that offer alternatives to traditional enterprise solutions: AT Internet and Google.

"AT Internet is building on its traditional strength in the European market and has evolved its product capabilities to serve enterprise-class clients. Google is leveraging its position as the world’s most popular free web analytics solution to address the enterprise market with the new paid Google Analytics Premium offering, featuring expanded functionality and services," wrote Forrester's Joe Stanhope

Meanwhile, Yahoo is in third place as a contender.  The company's free offering is generally available via a network of certified partners, but is primarily intended to be used within the Yahoo suite of advertising and merchant solutions.

Here's a look at all seven vendors from the report, and how they placed: 


Learning Opportunities


The Future of Web Analytics

As for the future, Forrester highlights three categories into which the market looks set to evolve. Vendors looking to catch this wave will have to fit into one of the following:

1. Enterprise Marketing Platforms

This approach plugs web analytics into a suite of marketing tools built to handle enterprisewide, multichannel marketing across online and offline channels. The functionality will become a of campaign management, marketing resource management, and marketing asset management tools.

2. Online Marketing Suites

Online marketing suites will integrate web analytics into a framework designed to span the analytics, content, and execution of digital marketing. Web analytics will work alongside capabilities such as content management to support interactive channels.

3. Digital Analytics Specialists

"Vendors offering a digital analytics specialist perspective view web analytics as the foundational platform for providing a universal view of digital marketing activity," writes Stanhope. In this bucket, vendors will offer broad data integration, warehousing, and reporting features to become the digital analytics system of record.

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