IBM, Adobe, Webtrends & comScore Lead Forrester's Web Analytics Wave

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Forrester kicked out a new Wave report that focuses on the best Web Analytics platforms offered today. Read on to see who made the cut, as well as where you can expect this market to move in the following months. 

The State of Web Analytics

These days a vendor that focuses solely on on-site analytics is a rare find. Most road maps smartly incorporate social and mobile channels, usability for a broad array of analytics stakeholders, as well as the scalability to handle the rising influx of data and activity.

As for the future, Forrester's Joe Stanhope highlights three categories into which the market looks set to evolve:

1. Enterprise Marketing Platforms

This approach plugs web analytics into a suite of marketing tools built to handle enterprisewide, multichannel marketing across online and offline channels. The functionality will become a of campaign management, marketing resource management, and marketing asset management tools.

2. Online Marketing Suites

Online marketing suites will integrate web analytics into a framework designed to span the analytics, content, and execution of digital marketing. Web analytics will work alongside capabilities such as content management to support interactive channels. .

3. Digital Analytics Specialists

"Vendors offering a digital analytics specialist perspective view web analytics as the foundational platform for providing a universal view of digital marketing activity," writes Stanhope. In this bucket, vendors will offer broad data integration, warehousing, and reporting features to become the digital analytics system of record. 

Forrester's Winners

In this report, Forrester cherry-picked a total of seven vendors against 80 criteria from current offering, strategy and market presence buckets. The leaders: 


IBM integrated Coremetrics and Unica into its Enterprise Marketing Management software division after acquiring them in 2010, and product portfolio integration is in motion. To stay ahead, Forreseter says IBM must execute on its vision for enterprise marketing by completing the product integrations in progress, gaining market traction for major initiatives such as Smarter Commerce, and creating synergies between web analytics. 

Learning Opportunities


Adobe's 2009 acquisition of Omniture is still ringing the ears of analytics kids. With the largest web analytics footprint of any vendor, Adobe's Omniture Business Unit has continued to grow and execute on a broad product development strategy comprised of organic development, acquisitions, and partnerships.

Adobe's commitment to keeping that pace has recently been reflected in SiteCatalyst's expansions into social media, audience measurement and data management.  To further maintain its leadership position, Forrester says Adobe must manage the complexity of delivering a broad set of digital marketing tools, both in terms of underlying technology and overall usability for analysts and marketers.


Webtrends is the lone wolf of the report, as Forrester highlights the company as the last major independent enterprise web analytics vendor. Webtrends stands out thanks to its robust support for mobile and social channels, and somehow managed to pull off a total user interface redesign and user experience makeover with Analytics 10.

Today, Forrester says the company finds itself at a crossroads as it transitions from legacy web analytics provider to cutting-edge digital analytics platform. To maintain forward motion, fine tuning its go-to-market strategy and firm guidance on the application of its technology is needed. 


comScore's acquisition of European vendor Nedstat lends to the company's current vision of consolidating audience measurement and site analytics. Forrester insists that the Digital Analytix solution belongs in "any serious web analytics vendor evaluation" for its speed, ability to access data, and flexible analysis capabilities. Going forward, comScore would do well to execute on its plans for supporting Digital Analytix in the US and document the ability to scale to meet the functional and performance requirements of large deployments.

Not seeing a vendor you expected (Google)? Stay tuned for our post on strong performers and contenders.