The Digital Analytics Association's most disruptive technology innovator is causing more disruption. At its client event Engage 2013 in London today, Webtrends previewed new big data capabilities. The company claims the two platforms — Webtrends Lifetime Streams and Webtrends Explore — will help organizations understand consumer behaviors and intent across the entire customer journey.

Unlimited Data

The new platforms are designed to help companies explore unlimited amounts of data and then take action at the moment needed. They will be generally available in the first half of 2014.

customer experience, Webtrends Analytics Platform Aims for More Tech Disruption

Webtrends Explore

Explore is an add-on to the Webtrends Analytics platform and is included for existing customers. The provider did not disclose pricing, but indicated to that Explore is intended to help users create robust segments, filter results on the fly and create unlimited nesting dimensions atop its first-party data collection capabilities.

What's the "wow factor" with Explore? According to the company, customers' ability to mine, without bounds, the full breadth of their collected Webtrends data. The distinguishing factor from others in the industry is that Webtrends "takes a different approach to data collection," said Jeff Seacrist, vice president of product strategy at Webtrends.

Others, Seacrist added, must put limits on the number of parameters they can collect if they hope to generate reports in "any sort of reasonable response time."

Streams Becomes Historic

Webtrends Lifetime Streams, meanwhile, plays off Webtrends Streams. Launched late last year, Webtrends Streams won the New Technology Award from the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) at the 2013 DAA Awards for Excellence Gala. The DAA hailed it as " … the most disruptive technological innovation made available to the Digital Analytics industry in over a decade. It is the only solution that optimizes the trifecta of customer centric information at the right time that is truly actionable."

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Webtrends Lifetime Streams

Lifetime Streams enables organizations to deliver experiences to their customers across all digital channels based on the entire history of individual customer engagement, such as lifetime value, category affinity, recency, frequency and market segments.

"It combines an historical view with what's going on right now," Seacrist said. "It provides an even more tailored approach to Webtrend Streams."

No one has technology to match Streams, Seacrist boasted, and Webtrends continues to introduce functionality on an incremental basis. It's all about "data in motion," he added, and working on campaigns "going on right now."

Webtrends On the Move

Earlier this year, Webtrends expanded its real-time marketing data solutions with a partnership announced with ExactTarget. Webtrends Streams also debuted this year in the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite and promised to eventually roll out to other SDL products.

And this week, Webtrends produced a new case study about its success with Twitter’s recently introduced Lead Generation Cards. The first use of the cards by a B2B company led to a more-than-impressive 996 percent increase in leads and a 500 percent decrease in costs — in just four weeks.