Webtrends is hot. Its real-time data solutions and marketing campaign analytics technology are popping up all over the place, and today it's in the news again with the launch of its Campaign Streams app for ExactTarget users.

Real-time marketing, as we know, is where engagement tools and insights through a multichannel approach meet as-it-happens data, rather than engagement with data that is hours or days old.

Webtrends Venture with ExactTarget

Webtrends is expanding its real-time marketing data solutions with a partnership announced today with ExactTarget. The debut of Webtrends Campaign Streams technology with ExactTarget provides ExactTarget customers in-the-moment insight into the performance of their marketing campaigns. The technology is built specifically for the ExactTarget HubExchange Marketplace and is free.

It enables marketers to view campaign response as-it-happens, including:

  • Geography
  • Device type
  • Landing pages
  • Conversions and abandonments

A paid companion solution -- targeting abandoners with timely, relevant messages -- is available through Webtrends Email Remarketing.

customer experience, Real-Time Marketing Partnership: Webtrends, ExactTarget Team Up

Industry Technology Kudos

After its launch at the end of 2012, Webtrends Streams technology was immediately received with praise. It won the New Technology Award by the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) at the 2013 DAA Awards for Excellence Gala. The DAA hailed it as “…the most disruptive technological innovation made available to the Digital Analytics Industry in over a decade. It is the only solution that optimizes the trifecta of customer centric information at the right time that is truly actionable."

Jeff Seacrist, vice president of product strategy at Webtrends, told CMSWire that Streams is helping to fundamentally shift the way marketers handle their campaigns.

Learning Opportunities

Most data analytics has a history of delaying between eight and 24 hours,” Seacrist said, “before all the data is accessible. There have been real-time solutions, but they have been somewhat less-than-real-time; sort of a five-minute to two-hour delay. And we’re talking about data that has been processed usually at a summary level and not a detailed level. You have to go in and grab the data.”

We got a peek at the Webtrends Streams capabilities this week. Marketers are able to track as-it-happens data for customers who, for instance, click on e-mail campaigns, land in a shopping cart, but eventually choose to leave with making a purchase. They can track click-throughs, conversions and abandonments.

“We’re really focusing on a stream of behavior,” Seacrist told us. “Webtrends allows you to get depth and get it right away to marketing in a timely manner and with a very rich level of detail to do your retargeting.”

Webtrends Trending

Just last month, Webtrends Streams debuted in the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite and promised to eventually roll out to other SDL products. We said then the more vendors Webtrends works with, the more word should spread about Streams, and the more deals it could win.

A few weeks later, case in point.