SDL to Integrate Webtrends Streams
SDL has announced it plans to integrate Webtrends' Streams technology into its Intelligent Marketing Suite, a way to gather real time customer data for improved analytics and customer experiences.

SDL Fully Adopting Customer Experience 

SDL is going full bore on transitioning to a customer experience management provider, and we've recently taken a close look at the company's focus on predictive social capabilities. But the Webtrends integration is closely aligned with that as well because being able to understand more about customers is a big part of both operations.

The Webtrends Streams real time customer engagement system will debut in the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite, but will eventually roll out to other SDL products, Bruce Kenny, SVP of technology at Webtrends said in an interview.

Streams rolled out in 2013, and Kenny said the product has been a hit with customers and partners alike.Streams takes customer actions from various digital properties and funnels them in real time to dashboards and visualizations to see exactly where customers are along their journey.

Allowing a company like SDL that is very focused on things like predictive capabilities to integrate real time analytics sounds like it could be a good showcase for Webtrends. The more vendors Webtrends works with after all, the more word should spread about Streams, and the more deals it could win. For SDL, adding a bit more analytics firepower to its newly created marketing suite could also help it convince more customers it has the best mix of tools.

Real Time Predictive Marketing

As we wrote earlier this summer, SDL is weaving predictive social marketing into its Tridion CMS, and now it seems that integration will eventually include Streams. SDL has the Webtrends Streams API, so it will be up to it to decide when any integration goes live, Kenny said.

SDL folded its customer analytics, campaign manager and email manager products into the Intelligent Marketing Suite, and at launch, that's where Streams will live. There's no timetable for when SDL will roll Streams (pictured above) out to other products, but when it decides to do it, it shouldn't take much more than the flip of a switch. Kenny characterized it as a handshake API, a good fitting integration that didn't require a ton of technical expertise.

One place where Webtrends Streams has been particularly effective, Kenny said, is in boosting email conversions. Streams funnels traffic sources, mobile app impressions, shopping cart data, ad performance and other information into the marketing suite where SDL can analyze it for whatever campaigns it's running. Having that ability in real time would allow a marketer to send off an email within minutes of a given event, a timely and relevant message that should help those email conversions climb.

SDL is already strong in email campaigns, so Streams really plays to its strengths there. Already this summer, SDL's marketing suite has been upgraded to allow videos in email campaigns, so combined with Streams, the system indeed starts to get interesting.