SDL Upgrades Intelligent Marketing Suite to Allow Video in Email Campaigns

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Digital Marketing: SDL Upgrades Intelligent Marketing Suite
Digital marketers struggle to make campaigns stand out, especially in people's crowded email inboxes. An upgrade to SDL's Intelligent Marketing Suite looks to help, with the addition of video capabilities in email marketing campaigns.

The new video functionality is part of a general upgrade to the Email Manager part of the suite. The combined effect of the upgrades combined is to provide a better and more effective email application for marketers that will generally improve the customer experience and hopefully lead to better engagement with those customers.

Email, Video

The new video functionality seeks to differentiate these emails from the massive number of unsolicited emails and spam landing in inboxes, often landing legitimate marketing or sales proposals in the bin.

To make sure that recipients open emails, SDL is providing a way of not only sending video, but also of creating messages that will stand out through personalization.

Our email marketing solution is designed to maximize engagement through personalization, as well as facilitate the larger multi-channel marketing strategy by ensuring that compelling and engaging content is easily shared across channels,” said Bob Hale ofSDL Campaign Management & Analytics.


The result is a number of improvements, which SDL is hoping will convince recipients to open emails.

Some of the new functionality enables the use of cross media assets, including video and audio through a tight integration between SDL Email Manager and SDL Media Manager.

This, SDL says, will provide users with a way to contact customers with a branded, targeted and relevant experience.

There is other new functionality that also goes a long way to personalizing content. The new upgrades offer the ability to create, manage and edit message templates as well as landing pages and micro sites with dynamic content.

Learning Opportunities

Ultimately all of this should enable users to launch a marketing campaign from their desktops that can be tweaked depending on platform, system and device,and across all channels from web to mobile.

Email Use

The question here, though, is whether there is enough to convince the recipients of these emails to open them. In terms of the video functionality it also remains to be seen whether they can get through firewalls.

According to SDL, the ROI on email is 4,300% and though it doesn’t say how it arrived at that figure, Forrester reports supports the efficacy of email marketing, especially for repeat customers. 

However, we saw last week in the Gartner Magic Quadrant on Email Security that one of the biggest perceived problems with email for both users and IT department is security and spam. The addition of video, or even personalization, is not going to solve this problem.

SDL Email Manager is a key component of the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite, and the addition of this new functionality is just the latest upgrade to make it more effective by improving the customer experience. More on this as SDL rolls it out.

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