Marketing Execs Should Focus on Targeting, Personalization

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Marketing executives will find targeting and personalization as major catalysts for their professional activities in 2013, according to a new Analyst Insight from consulting firm Aberdeen Group – “Targeting and Personalization Drives the Marketing Executive’s Agenda for 2013.”

In one piece of good news, Aberdeen data indicates the average marketing executive’s budget will rise by a healthy 6.3% this year compared to last year. Marketing executives working for best-in-class companies (those in the top 20% of aggregate performers) can expect their budget to increase more than 12% on average.

So where will marketers spend this comparative windfall? One key area the report identifies is in lead management technology. Aberdeen research indicates that difficulties in attributing where leads are generated in the current multichannel, multitouch consumer environment will drive significant investment in advanced lead management solutions by many marketing executives.

For example, automated trigger-based messaging is the capability the largest percentage of respondents (47 percent) intends to implement this year and 43% of all respondents indicated they plan to implement other lead nurturing capabilities during 2013. The report indicates a gap between marketing automation capabilities and utilization.

Social Gets Personal 

Aberdeen data also shows that marketing executives are interested in using social technology to fuel personalization efforts this year. Aberdeen identifies 2012 as the year social media “went mainstream” as a marketing tool and expects that trend to intensify in 2013. Aberdeen predicts that this year companies will increasingly use social as a tool for both lead scoring and site personalization, with 23 percent of marketing executives saying they plan to implement social profile functionality within their marketing and/or CRM system in 2013. 

Learning Opportunities

Mapping to Personas Has Near Universal Appeal 

One personalization effort that almost all (86 percent) of marketing executives say they plan to implement this year is developing a process to map rich media content assets to buyer personas. Other personalized/targeted content marketing capabilities on the agendas of most marketing executives during 2013 are understanding and correlating content consumption to buyer demographics (84%) and developing a process to map rich media content assets to buyer journey stage -- such as inquiry or negotiation (79%). 

Other Findings

Other interesting findings about marketing activities during 2013 from the Aberdeen report include:

  • 50% of all marketing executives plan to incorporate marketing campaign performance data into future campaigns.
  • 49% of all marketing executives plan to incorporate the ability to calculate the profitability of specific customer segments.
  • 21% of all marketing executives plan to adopt a predictive analytics solution.
  • 19% of all marketing executives plan to adopt general marketing analytics tools.

This analysis report was based on responses of 196 sales/marketing professionals surveyed in August 2012.