Webtrends has announced the launch of Webtrends Steams, a new digital intelligence product that allows businesses to improve online marketing campaigns by streaming relevant data in real-time.

As customers interact with businesses through a variety of channels and platforms, the digital world is becoming more complicated. Businesses need to harness this change to their advantage. Even though there are tools out there designed to help companies with digital marketing, there are some challenges, such as finding an efficient analytics tool.

With a digital intelligence tool, these barriers are broken down and businesses can receive a more complete analytics report, which not only improves the digital marketing experience, but customer experience as well.

What is Webtrends Streams?

Working on a push model with API data, Webtrends Streams collects and imports customer interactions and marketing data as they happen into the Stream Lab, a real-time data exploration and visualization tool. Marketers can then create analytic streams that are either very specific or general, depending on the kind of information they are looking for. Different types of data can then be streamed side by side, depending on the campaign need.


A traffic data stream

These streams can then be used to test, target and personalize marketing solutions for customers in real time and improve not only customer-business conversations, but marketing campaigns and employee engagement.

What we set out to do originally was to reinvent real-time data and we did that, but it didn't feel like enough,” said Eric Butler, Sr. Director, Emerging Products at Webtrends. “What we did instead was turn to projects that we were working on and collaborating on around this idea of streaming data, so instead of just taking data in we are taking the data in, analyzing it and sending it right back out in a matter of milliseconds."

The Streams

In addition to providing customer location, device and browser type, there are eight data streams that users can use to track customer data. These streams include:

  • Shopping Cart/Scenario Stream: This stream monitors customer purchasing trends and includes product sku and what stage a customer is at in their shopping process.
  • Traffic Sources Stream: Data that is collected for this stream is based around campaign traffic. Data that can be reported includes phrases that have been searched, search engine used, the name of the referral site and the campaign ID.
  • Mobile App Stream: The mobile app stream reports app data, such as app details and impressions.
  • Website Hygiene Tracking System: This stream tracks any errors that could interfere with the customer experience, such as 404 and 500 level errors.
  • Site Advertisement and Promotion Banner Stream: This stream monitors ad performance, such as advertisement click through, advertisement impressions and event clicks.

Businesses can choose if they want to use Webtrends Stream along with Webtrends Analytics or another analytics tool, as it can be used independently or in conjunction with another product.

Improving Marketing One Step at a Time

Webtrends Steams isn't the only way the company aims to improve the marketing experience, as they've been working over the last year to improve analytics. In addition to improving measurement range by integrating the Webtrends Analytics tool with HootSuite, the company has also created social analytics product for the iPad and introduced a new visual analytics tool called Heatmaps.