If you like pictures more than words -- or at least find them easier to understand, then check out Webtrends new real-time visualization tool -- Heatmaps.

Real-time Visualization

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It's definitely faster to look at. And if it's displaying real-time information about your website and mobile activity in a way that easy to comprehend, then I say go for it.

Webtrends new Heatmap visualizations offer something that user experience experts have talked about for years -- a way to quickly see what elements of a website -- or mobile site -- are the most popular. But in this case we aren't talking about static heatmaps with data that could be days out. Here we are looking at a new way to visualize website data in real-time. Webtrends Heatmaps are integrated in the Analytics 10 platform and available to Webtrends Analytics On Demand customers as an add-on.

With no limitations on the amount of sites or domains tracked, clicks are captured, analyzed and made available through the Analytics 10 Dashboard as Heatmaps.

If you need to test how effective elements of your site are like buttons, links, menus and site layouts, this tool will help. As Webtrends clearly points out, heatmaps can also help monitor conversion effectiveness, improve content availability and accessibility and improve usability, among other things. And by doing it real-time you can quickly make changes to improve engagement.

 Webtrends Heatmaps

Analytics Made Easy (ier)

Real-time heatmaps are a great addition to Webtrends analytics toolkit. With the recent Tealium partnership for Tag Management and its new status as a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, Webtrends is demonstrating its ability support organization's drive for better customer experiences.