Adobe has announced some new integrations for its cross-channel marketing optimization solution AdLens (formerly known to you as Efficient Frontier). Think better analysis, even better optimization and new Facebook ad capabilities.

It was July of this year that Adobe renamed its recently acquired multichannel advertising optimization solution Efficient Frontier to AdLens. At the same time, AdLens received a facelift that improved its integration with Adobe's Digital Marketing Suite. And along with the new user interface, data integration was also enabled between AdLens and the DMS.

If you remember, Adobe acknowledged that it acquired the Efficient Frontier technology so that it could offer customers better optimization capabilities and cross-channel ad buying. Add to that the functionality for tracking social interactions and a strong set of Facebook ad-buying features and you've got a nice little package for today's marketer.

But that's not all AdLens can bring to the table.

AdLens Ties to SiteCatalyst

Adobe has now integrated AdLens with its analytics solution -- SiteCatalyst. Now the benefits of this integration are fairly obvious. All the data captured with SiteCatalyst is now available to AdLens to help customers optimize their cross-channel campaigns (search, social and display) even more.

According to Justin Merickel, Adobe Senior Director of New Product Innovation, Media & Advertising Solutions, this integration has solved a major pain point with Adobe customers. Prior to the integration, customers would have to move back and forth between the two solutions to utilize and analyze data from campaigns. Now, there is a unified view from both a data perspective and a support perspective. It also lends to a faster deployment which is something everyone wants these days.

AdLens Display Integrations

AdLens is also now integrated with Adobe's AudienceManager. AudienceManager thus becomes AdLens's central data management platform. With Audience Manager, customers can identify and create high-value audience segments that can then be used by AdLens to deliver highly targeted advertising.

In addition to this, AdLens is also integrated with Adobe Dynamic Ad Targeting, a platform that dynamically builds creative for display audiences in real-time. AudienceManager segments can be leveraged in this scenario as well.

Manage Advertising From a Single Location

AdLens offers marketers a number of capabilities all from a single unified interface. This is important because marketers don't want to manage multiple interfaces for different types of advertising.

Learning Opportunities


With Adobe AdLens, view customizable media dashboards and navigate to search, display and social workflows from a single interface.

Everything needs to be seen as a whole so that there is one place to lookat how all media campaigns are performing and one place to managecampaign and optimization features for all media channels.

Run on-demand simulations in Adobe AdLens to determine optimal future budget allocations across advertising campaigns.

Adobe is a Facebook Strategic Partner

Everyone is talking about advertising on Facebook, so it only makes sense that Adobe is in tight with the social network. Recently designated as a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Partner (joining the likes of Webtrends and Dachis Group), Adobe also now has official access to the Facebook Ad Exchange. This builds on the current API integration that is available within AdLens and allows marketers to buy ads on Facebook through real-time bidding.

Everything mentioned here today expands on the Adobe Digital Marketing Platform and further demonstrates Adobe's focus on online marketing and its importance to organizations today.