It seems like just about everyone offers some type of solution that integrates with SharePoint (news, site). But for every potential integration, it seems like there's another vendor out there that offers a solution designed to replace SharePoint.

And there are a number of alternative solutions to SharePoint on the market today. Not all are identical in capabilities, not all claim to be SharePoint alternatives -- even though they are.

We took a look at some of these "SharePoint Alternatives" and let you know what SharePoint functionality they replace. Here's what we found.

Document Collaboration

When most people think about how SharePoint is used they think Document Collaboration. SharePoint is a place that you can store, manage and collaborate on your your documents and other information. As a result, most of the SharePoint "alternatives" have focused on supplying this type of capability.

Box.Net (news, site) is a good alternative for document collaboration and these guys go hard after the SharePoint market.This is an online service that provides the ability to store documents, share them with others and collaborate using discussions, comments and other features.


Box has a number of other features that make it comparable to SharePoint, including:

  • Mobile access using a Blackberry, iPhone or other smart device
  • Share Folders to create online workspaces which are great for project collaboration. Workflow is enabled by assigning basic review and approval tasks to documents.
  • View documents directly in your browser without leaving Box.
  • Create wiki-style web documents for things like meeting minutes.
  • There's a real time activity feed to let you know what has been recently worked on, uploaded, commented, etc.. This is functionality that SharePoint does not currently have.

There are Business and Enterprise Editions of Box that add even more functionality like full text search on documents, versioning and additional security including 256-bit SSL encryption and passwords on files and folders.

Box does provide the ability to integrate with third party applications such as Zoho, Gmail,, LinkedIn and more. And it's extensible via its own set of APIs which includes one for mobile development.

Other Document Collaboration Alternatives

Box is not the only alternative to SharePoint when it comes to document collaboration. Here are a few more you might want to consider: