Online Collaboration Suite Glasscubes Includes Document Management, CRM, Intranet
Having been live since 2008, Glasscubes formally launches this week to offer collaboration, document and project management, and Intranet without the complexity.

Collaboration, Ease of Use, Non-Techies

Starting development at the beginning of the current economic troubles, Glasscubes has been designed with the idea of offering the essential collaboration features at a very competitive price, while aiming for high ease of use and, therefore, broad acceptance among non-technical users.

If your company, either large or small, has a one or a series of projects on the go, think of them as discrete cubes and you have a rough idea where Glasscubes is heading.

Look Inside the Glass Cube

With a glass cube, everyone can see inside to keep up with what is happening, to see when problems arrive or deadlines are looming, all in a Enterprise 2.0 style.

Each project within your company is tied up in its own little cube. Access can be provided to those both inside and outside the organization and within the cube you can access collaboration tools, manage the project and contacts, all online with no technical knowledge required, as the introductory video explains:

Accounts can be started for free, providing two cubes and 100 MB of space and 100 contacts for three users. There are several subscriptions plans with the most popular being the US$ 64 per month Medium offering of 20 cubes and 10 GB of space plus 10,000 contacts -- enough for most small to medium organizations. Any type of account comes with a free 28-day trial.

A Wide Range of Functionality

When you have set up an account, you create projects, tasks and users. Link them together and start working with your team and clients. Queries can be posted, documents developed and schedules followed.


Keep a number of projects in plain sight at once

Among  the many features are a few ones that stand out:

  • Document preview -- most file formats can be previewed directly in the application without being downloaded.
  • The search function is a deep Google-like search, looking within documents and is fast and relevant to requests.
  • An all-in-one package (even the free version) -- every package includes Intranet, document sharing/management, project management, conference calls and CRM as standard.
  • Secure and can be branded for your own company.
  • Feedback accepted by phone, Twitter and email -- Glasscube staff are happy to talk and don't just hide behind their email accounts.
  • Charities can have a free Medium account.

Glasscubes comes across as something that could compete with big-name CRMs like Modera or Microsoft Dynamics without the cost or hardware requirements. It also could compete with SharePoint (although SharePoint doesn't do CRM) or OfficeMedium, another online solution focused on collaboration and CRM.

Glasscubes runs in any browser except Internet Explorer 6.0 and more functions are planned for the next few months, particularly anything there is customer demand for.