Book PCE
Ireland-based Research and Markets just added a handy print guide to their digital cache. Written by Principal Scientist Juha Lehikoinen of Nokia, Personal Content Experience: Managing Digital Life in the Mobile Age covers the strategic and business impact of mobile content.Taking a personal approach to mobile content management, Personal Content Experience focuses on the consumer viewpoint. All end-user needs on the mobile end are anticipated, then interpreted for the software architecture end. The book also provides guidelines for coping with changes in the digital media landscape from a strategic perspective. Other topics include: * Context awareness * Personal content characteristics * CMS architecture * Metadata formats * GUI design guidelines While the book goes into each of the above topics in some detail, it also includes forecasts on where the technology is headed and why it is relevant, as well as a quick guide for managers. Nonetheless, knowledge means little without some implementation. The book also contains hands-on examples and practice guides, application concepts and details for scalable architectures targeted specifically at content management within the mobile realm. Mobile content is quickly developing into a young but promising market, rich with competitors vying to bear the technology that ultimately sticks. Recently Sun Microsystems leaped into the game with its new Java-based offering, JavaFX. Author Juha Lehikoinen is a principal scientist at Nokia Research Center in Finland. In the last few years he assisted in developing Get-Enjoy-Maintain-Share (GEMS), a personal content framework. Get to know Research and Markets, or learn more about the book, at the Research and Markets website.