We are a week away from our next Tweet Jam, so it's time to meet the panelists who will be discussing content marketing and find out the questions that they will be answering.

The Questions

If there's one thing that all businesses would like to do, it's provide a good customer experience. Some are turning to content marketing to reach new audiences and engage people by providing them with rich and interesting content. Interested in learning more? Check out the Tweet Jam next week!

Though our Tweet Jams only last an hour, they cover a lot of ground. Below are the questions that will be asked, but you can bet the conversation will touch on a lot more:

  1. How do you define content marketing?
  2. Does every organization have a customer journey?
  3. What's the hardest part of content marketing and how do you do it well?
  4. What roles do tools play in content marketing?
  5. Describe 3 ways you measure success with content marketing.
  6. What does content marketing tell us about the future of online marketing?

The Panelists

Tweet Jams are open to all, but we always make sure that there are some experts on hand to keep the conversation rolling. Participating in this month's Jam will be:

  • Billy Cripe, Founder & Principal, BloomThink -- @billycripe
  • Carla Johnson, Owner and Principal, Type A Communications -- @carlajohnson
  • Chris Vaughn, Content Marketing DIrector, DigitalSherpa -- @digitalsherpas
  • Frank Del Pinto, Director, Product Marketing, Web Experience Management, OpenText -- @fdelpinto
  • Will Davis, Managing Partner, Right Source Marketing -- @willdavis
  • Kimberly Edwards, Product Marketing Manager for Social Solutions, OpenText --  @KimberlyEdwards
  • Julie Hunt, Solution Strategist Julie Hunt Consulting - @juliebhunt
  • Nicolas Antonio Jimenez, Marketing Coordinator, Widen -- @nicolasajimenez
  • Deb Lavoy, Director of Product Marketing for Social Media, OpenText -- @deb_lavoy
  • Marci Maddox, Director Global Product Marketing, OpenText -- @mmaddox2tx
  • Scott Paley, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Abstract Edge --  @spaley
  • Thomas Robbins, Product Evangelist, Kentico -- @trobbins
  • Marcus Sheridan, Marketing Consultant and Blogger, The Sales Lion -- @thesaleslion
  • Robert McCarthy, Owner, Goss Interactive Limited -- @RobMMcCarthy
  • Mark Simpson, Founder and President, Maxymiser -- @markj_simpson
  • Loni Kao Stark, Director of Product, Solution & Industry Marketing, Adobe -- @lonistark
  • Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute & SocialTract, Author -- @juntajoe

The Nitty Gritty

Pack a lunch and get your thumbs ready for some fast and furious typing next week! The Tweet Jam will take place on Wednesday, July 25 at 10 am PDT/ 1 pm EDT/ 1700 GMT. The easiest way to follow is by using the #cxmchat hashtag or join in in the chatroom that will be set up the morning of the Jam. Follow @cmswire to get the details that day. Hope to see you there!