At CrowdConf in San Francisco this week, crowdsourcing and social CRM came together.CrowdEngineering announced that its self-service platform, Crowd4Self, is now integrated with Amazon Mechanical Turk, the Amazon marketplace for work.

Crowdsource & Prosper

If you’re unfamiliar, the Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk), a part of the Amazon Web Services suite, is a crowdsourcing Internet marketplace that lets computer programmers post tasks known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) that others can complete for a monetary payment set by the programmer. 


By integrating with CrowdEngineering's Crowd4Self, users can crowdsource any business process in three steps:

  1. Selecting a workflow for a given business process
  2. Selecting the most suitable crowd or workforce
  3. Executing the process while maintaining control


Learning Opportunities

The Crowd4Self platform (Beta) helps to simplify business process workflows, while improving the overall engagement of workers and quality of work. Users also have access to a host of third-party applications and tools through a marketplace, through which they can find appropriate tools for specific business processes and view other users’ ratings.

Putting the Crowd Back in the Enterprise

Crowdsourcing’s role within the enterprise has traditionally been reserved for the likes of fundraising or freelancing. However, in a recent article, Sramana Mitra singled out CrowdEngineering for its crowdsourced customer support platform, which she cited for “pioneering a level zero customer support layer that expects to save 20% to 30% in support costs for enterprises with a high volume of support calls like Telecom and Consumer Electronics.”

With such potential and by leveraging the power of the MTurk infrastructure, CrowdEngineering may make crowdsourcing an integral part of workforce and business processes management.