Hearsay Social is getting together with foursquare. On Friday, the social sales and marketing provider announced that its platform now supports checkins and other functions on the location-based app, to give companies the opportunity to connect with customers when present in their brick and mortar store.

Hearsay’s software is designed to help businesses use social media to engage with customers, agents and employees. The company’s CEO, Clara Shih, said in a statement that the new integration “will allow our clients to further deepen their customer relationships across the enterprise.”

Check-Ins, the Mayor, Tips

The integration via foursquare’s API enables corporate brand managers and other employees to track foursquare check-ins at venues they manage, to see who is the venue’s “mayor,” to see tips attached to venues, and to have the ability to push special offers.

Tips are ways for foursquare users to suggest things about a venue to their friends, such as a favorite menu item or the name of a favorite bartender. Brands, such as the History Channel, can attach tips as well.

The Hearsay Social Compliance Module has been updated so managers can monitor tips and take what the company calls “appropriate action.” The Module allows a company to capture, monitor and archive social communications from any device, access point or location that is used by company representatives to communicate with customers or prospective customers, in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

Other capabilities in the Compliance Module include dashboard control of pre-approval workflow, real-time alerts, supervision and approval trails, and infraction resolution.

About Hearsay Social

Hearsay Social describes itself as the “only social sales and marketing platform that provides business results across every major social network at every level of the organization.” It is designed to increase revenue, referrals and renewals by enabling sales, marketing, compliance and human resources departments to engage in social business efforts.

In addition to foursquare, the platform supports social sales and marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The company’s clients include Northwestern Mutual, Thrivent Financial, Farmers Insurance Group and 24 Hour Fitness.

Hearsay’s Social Sales Module provides social media page and profile management for non-technical users. The Marketing Module allows an employee to distribute posts, photos, apps, ads and integrated campaigns to a large company’s social media marketing teams or to stores, and to monitor social conversations related to Hearsay Social-managed pages.