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Writers who use Apple’s iPad now have another tool at their disposal. On Thursday, InboundWriter announced the new release of its content optimization system, which now works on the popular tablet.

The entire application has been rewritten in the HTML5 standard, as the original implementation in Adobe Flash does not work on the iPad. Jay McCarthy, InboundWriter vice president of marketing, said in a statement that many of the application’s users had requested an iPad version since the product’s debut last year.

Embracing HTML5

The company had noticed, he said, that many writers and marketers “are starting to replace laptops with a combination of tablets and wireless keyboards.” Going forward, McCarthy said, the company has “fully embraced HTML5 as the standard for modern web application development.”

InboundWriter is designed as a tool to create Web-friendly content. It combines research, writing and online optimization into one, cloud-based app, and it provides real-time access to optimization for search, social media or Google AdSense. The app also scores created documents as to their findability, based on a content optimization strategy that has been defined by the content creator.

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InBoundWriter display with optimization sidebar

The app is designed for use by content marketers, online media publishers, interactive agencies and PR professionals. Users can sign up for free, and, for a monthly subscription fee, a premium account offers unlimited editing and no ads.

Usability Enhancements

In addition to the availability for the iPad, the new release offers a variety of usability enhancements. These include dozens of new formatting and HTML editing options, improved formatting when copying from other apps and a streamlined design for the main workspace, called content lab.

There are also additional screen configuration options, such as a web editor screen without the optimization sidebar, and the company said the integration between Topic Buzz, which identifies the most influential social media writers on a given topic, and the user’s document library is more extensive than previously. In addition, the TinyMCE industry standard, a platform-independent editor control that is used in WordPress and other content management systems, is integrated into the new version.

InboundWriter, headquartered in San Mateo, California, released its product in May of last year.