One year ago today, Marissa Mayer became CEO of Yahoo. In her first year, she's shaken things up - making some key changes and some strategic acquisitions aimed to make a Yahoo a strong competitor once again. 

A Year of Pomp & Circumstance

Mayer used her first six months to become more familiar with the company, its people and culture. With a renewed focus on Yahoo's customers, by 2013, Mayer initiated a series of strategic acquisitions that showed that it was serious about competing with the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter. 

However, much was overshadowed by her executive decision to end work from home for a majority of Yahoos. The announcement was widely criticized and analyzed, but it seemed to send a clear message that big changes were coming and they were starting from the inside out. 

Yahoo also made waves when it bought Tumblr for $US 1.1 billion. As if sensing the collective wince among Tumblr users, Yahoo made a declaration that it promised not to ruin the microblogging platform. Since its purchase, small changes and integrations have focused on monetizing the website. 

Learning Opportunities


Year One

It is to be expected that one's first year as CEO is put under a microscope. And Marissa Mayer is no exception. Love her or hate her, you'd have to admit that it's been an exciting year. And whether or not you would have bought the same companies or made the same decisions she did, something must have worked -- Yahoo’s stock price has increased 73% since she started. 

To be an effective leader, however, you'll need more than one year to really make a difference. We look forward to another year and hope that Yahoo will keep Marissa Mayer on board to bear the fruits of her labor.