How are the Fortune Global 100 companies using social media? A new study from Burson-Marsteller seeks to find out.

The study, called The Global Social Media Check-Up 2012, specifically looked at how the top companies used the Big Five social media services -- Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest. It’s hard to imagine now, but the current boom in the use of social media by companies was just beginning in 2010.

87 Percent Active

Now, however, the Global 100 companies are in social media whether they like it or not, as the study found that these enterprises are mentioned more than 10 million times via social channels every month. Those mentions took place on video/photo sites, Twitter, reviews/shopping sites, forums, Facebook, blogs and in the news.

Eighty-seven percent of Global 100 companies now use at least one social media platform, with Twitter being the most popular platform. The average number of followers for each corporate Twitter account has tripled in the last year, to nearly 15,000.

Almost three-quarters of Global 100 companies also have a presence on Facebook, and the average corporate Facebook page’s community has increased by 275 percent since 2010, to over 150,000. Facebook corporate channels on YouTube have also boomed, with a 39 percent increase over last year, and nearly 80 percent of companies are participating in that outlet. The average views on a corporate YouTube channel is over 2 million.

Multiple Accounts, Original Content

Not only are the Global 100 actively engaged in social media, but they are also now segmenting their social efforts by creating multiple accounts that are targeted at audiences by geography, topic or service. The study gave the example of Wells Fargo, which highlights different products and services via multiple Twitter accounts, such as General News, Customer Service and Career Opportunities.

And, to keep followers of those various accounts interested in their products and services, Global 100s are creating original content. Companies are utilizing Facebook’s new Timeline design, for instance, to feature creative cover images and Procter & Gamble’s YouTube content directly ties into their advertising campaign.

Companies are also learning to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing social media landscape. Nearly half of the Global 100, for instance, have Google+ accounts, and a quarter have Pinterest accounts.