As the world enters the first full week of the Olympic Games, many of us will attempt to capitalize on the excitement. Whether it’s learning how to optimize your website for special events, or training for the events to fine tune your content marketing, the Olympics has a certain universal relevance. And when it comes to measuring the sentiment of your audience, quantifying the Olympic spirit can be done using tools already available to us.

I Cheer, You Cheer, The World Cheers...

SocialBakers, known for its social media analytics, has launched CheerMeter, a new social media tool that tracks and analyzes real-time global Twitter buzz around sporting events. 

CheerMeter reveals hour-by-hour and day-by-day which sports, athletes, nations and brands are creating the greatest buzz on Twitter over the next few weeks. It also segment tweets by language to see which countries are most vocal in support of their national teams.

Powered by its signature analytics platform, Socialbakers’ CheerMeter is not only designed to be a fun way to track the world’s Olympic fever. It also demonstrates the power that brands, consumers and personalities have to generate significant buzz around a product, service or event.


Check in regularly to monitor the cheer capacity of the Olympic Spirit, as captured from social media

However, if you’re not actively measuring your audience’s voice, you may not be leveraging your online presence to its fullest potential. Take a cue from the Olympics and go for the Gold!