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Is your online identity accurate? That’s one of the questions that a new online identity management tool from Vizibility seeks to answer.

The tool, called the Online Identity Manager, provides analytics and a dashboard so that businesses can track and monitor the identity of individuals or the company itself. Vizibility said it was a first-of-its-kind business intelligence solution in support of personal branding.

'Being Held Hostage by Google’

Vizibility founder and CEO James Alexander said in a statement that “companies are tired of being held hostage by Google search results,” and added that managing and tracking online identities is one of the fastest growing challenges for organizations.

Alexander noted that there are “serious economic consequences” for an organization when its key people cannot be found online, or when they can be found but the information is inaccurate. “Organizations are starting to reject the notion that ‘you are who Google says you are’,” he said, “by instead pro-actively curating, packaging and distributing rich online content about their people.”

Part of Vizibility’s overall solution, together with the Online Identity Manager, is its Mobile Business Card. This is a micro-site for one person, possibly a different micro-site for every person in a company. It can be shared through a QR code on a business card, through Near Field Communication (NFC) between mobile devices or via the company’s “Google Me” button on a Web page, such as a profile.

Mobile Business Card, Metrics

Incorporating information from the Mobile Business Card, the Identity Manager provides a 30-day snapshot about an individual’s or a company’s online identity, via a dashboard that offers customized reports through sortable metrics and the ability to drill down into any specific metric for more detail.

The metrics include QR code snaps, NFC mobile wallet taps, Microsoft TAG snaps, “Google Me” button/link clicks, related Google Adword clicks, vCard downloads via the Mobile Business Cards, Google search results over the last 30 days, the names and industries of organizations that have snapped, tapped or searched, and other data.

Based in New York City and founded in 2009, Vizibility provides solutions for organizations to monitor and control the online presence of their employees and company. In addition to their use as standalone products, the company’s tools are integrated into the websites of All-State Legal, Thomson Reuters’ Hubbard One, 6FigureJobs, BlueSteps, and other sites that provide online identity management among their offerings.