Mountain View's PSS Systems, which specializes in legal holds and enterprise retention management, announced support for the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) XML standard."The XML standard addresses a major pain point within e-discovery -- moving and formatting the different types of data across all of these disparate systems -- and is an important step towards streamlining the process," said Co-Founder George Socha of EDRM and president of Socha Consulting LLC. "By adopting this standard, PSS Systems is taking a leadership position in creating greater efficiencies within the e-discovery process." The EDRM standard helps brings uniformity to the movement of electronically stored information from one software app to the next, or from one organization to another. Enterprises can expect to reduce risks resulting from human error because the standard syncs multiple data formats in different systems. The solution also collects electronic data from data-retention spaces and exports it to other sectors for processing, review, analytics and production. PSS participates in both the EDRM Project and its XML subcommittee, which help build standards and guidelines for the growing eDiscovery market.