ABBYY, Xerox Partner, Beef Up Document Management
The last time we checked in with the folks at ABBYY, they had released its Mobile Data Capture Solution, which lets camera-equipped mobile devices capture, process and share data. Today, ABBYY takes its document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies one step further with a certified partner reseller agreement with Xerox.

A Partnership Made to Manage the Content Life Cycle

The announcement comes on the heels of Xerox's new version of DocuShare enterprise content management (ECM) platform, which aims to improve the speed and efficiency of managing the full lifecycle of business documents. 

In a way, ABBYY and Xerox are kindred spirits, both dedicated to providing a content management solution with high-performance data and image capture technology. And the timing couldn’t be more appropriate, especially when you consider that email is no longer the most-requested record companies must produce. Images and other digital assets are becoming more important to information and records management.

Making Robust Content Management the Norm

The relationship between ABBYY and Xerox DocuShare seeks to make automated content acquisition solutions essential components for enterprise content management solutions, offering robust capabilities that meet customer needs and provide added value to business processes.

With the agreement, ABBYY’s FlexiCapture and Recognition Server will be sold by the Xerox direct sales organization, DocuShare direct sales and Reseller Partners. The partnership will allow Xerox to strengthen its offerings by making accurate capture available to DocuShare services and solutions. Together, the two partners will focus on ways to better manage critical data and documents within the enterprise.