For a company that is a relative baby in the document management space, Adeptol (news, site) keeps pushing its boundaries. Over the past two weeks alone it has upgraded its SaaS document viewing as well as adding a new HTML 5-based viewer for mobile platforms.

We use the word baby in relation to Adeptol only in the sense that it was founded in 2008. After that there’s nothing babyish about it and already, as of October, it has reached v4.5 of its viewer, which supports over 300 file formats.

SaaS Document Viewing

The new SaaS viewing service keeps up the pace. With the release of CloudConnect 2.0, Adeptol has improved the overall viewing experience for viewers as well as extending the API for developers and adding AES encryption.

Essentially, what CloudConnect does is to enable users to view documents that are stored in the cloud without having to upload them, while giving document providers complete control over the document. What this means is that no matter who views the document, it won’t ever be uploaded on Adeptol servers.

An additional feature is that document creators can create documents in any format they want and deliver them to users in the format that they can best view it in. New features include:

  • AJAX document viewer with support for more than 300 file formats
  • Mobile Viewer license that enables users to view documents on iPhone/iPad and Android with enhanced loading times
  • Built in AES encryption that can be turned on at will. Encrypts not only document content but document URL too
  • Advanced caching enabling users access static documents directly from the cache

Mobile Viewing

The other recent addition to Adeptol viewing technology is the adoption of HTML 5 technology that enables viewing across a wide range of mobile devices including iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

A high speed viewer for smartphones and tablets, it has been built from the ground up and enables users to send a link to mobile users who can then access the document without having to download a client or application.

Out-of the-box it offers access to the 300+ file formats that are available to Adeptol viewer users, as well as Sharepoint, Documentum, Filenet and Salesforce.

CloudConnect is free although commercial users will have to pay, while the new mobile viewer can be added to existing Adeptol viewer installations or bought and setup separately.