Sometimes it really is the small things that count. Not that Adeptol’s new Enterprise Edition v4.4 document viewer is small, but the California based company’s latest version can load documents of up to 0.5 GB in one second -- one of its many small features that will please.

If you’ve ever spent hours (ok, so not literally hours!) waiting for a document to load you will understand. But there are many other new features including advanced search, thumbnails support and watermarking that will really put it to the competition.

Doc Viewer Competition

And yes there is competition out there for doc viewers. Only this month we highlighted the release of KnowledgeLake’s (news, site) doc viewer for SharePoint 2010, which has quite a considerable vroom! vroom! factor under its bonnet.

But so does Adeptol’s Document Viewer which uses AJAX and Flash technology to create fast rendering of documents on the fly. And if you want a SharePoint Doc Viewer or a Documentum Doc Viewer, Adeptol can do that too.

We don’t want to harp on about it, but you get the point -- which is that competition in this space is beginning to heat up.

Enterprise Edition v4.4

All that aside, what exactly do you get with Document Viewer Enterprise Edition Version 4.4? Well first off, Document Viewer is a web based online document viewer that can be embedded into any web page, or linked from any web page.

The server-based Enterprise Edition uses Web 2.0 technologies to provide a scalable content viewer of any format and in almost any volumes with the possibility of adding abilities that will handle extreme volumes, or work in archive environments.

Using self-optimization technologies it takes pages from the server as they are being rendered, which in practical terms means users can start reading documents and carry out regular operations like search, text selection and scrolling while the rest of the document is downloading.

Again, this is not for a PDF of a few pages. It is for very very large documents and is designed to make things easier -- and more productive -- for the user.

It does this by estimating the network connection speed, document size and server, and by doing so gives users access to 300 different document types without the need to download any plug-ins or ActiveX components.

Other Features

Other features of Adeptol’s Document Viewer include:

  • Server conversion of any edition of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to PDF & SWF
  • Low memory management mode to load larger documents
  • Easy integration with existing software
  • Full API allows the product to be called from within any programming language
  • Easy to use interface

There are many other features too. However, all are designed to enable the Document Viewer to be embedded in any application allowing content publishers, bloggers and individual users to publish content and embed documents in their web pages.

The new Document Viewer Enterprise Edition is available for download now for the existing and new customers.

Oh, did we mention that Adeptol also does a SaaS Doc Viewer? Yes they do!