Remember that AIIM study that looked at SharePoint usage from an enterprise management perspective? The one that told us that SharePoint implementations still suffer from lack of planning and governance? Well, AIIM (newssite) thinks they can help with a new certification program.

Proper Implementations Need Proper Planning 

The numbers said it all in the AIIM study and what they said was that organizations are using SharePoint, but are not applying the proper planning required for the implementation to be successful. Sure governance was there, but primarily from a IT perspective. That's fine, but most are missing the very critical business governance requirements related to things such as retention, use of email/attachments, archiving and legal discovery.

Focusing on Governance

AIIM has come up with a new certification program that focuses on how to apply the proper governance to your SharePoint implementation.

It focuses on best practices for both IT and information management professionals who want to implement SharePoint 2010. With a course outline and objectives defined from the AIIM Education Advisory Groups in the US and Europe (which include a number of well known vendors and companies), you will learn strategies and techniques for adopting SharePoint as your Enterprise CMS including:

  • Information governance structures and responsibilities 
  • Managing content
  • Creating and managing taxonomies and metadata
  • Integration and migration approaches
  • Using the open methodology MIKE2 for planning and execution

The course was developed in partnership with Gimmel Group, David Quackenbush, President of Gimmal Group stated:

This new SharePoint Certificate Program provides the knowledge that IT and information management professionals need in order to understand the components necessary for managing content, records, and business processes on the SharePoint platform, including an administrative and content governance framework. We are excited to support AIIM’s training efforts.”

The course outline suggests that you will also learn about complimentary solutions, although it doesn't list any specific vendor or technology.

There are five specific tracks you can follow. Get the details on each track here.