The technology partnership announced by Alfresco (news, site) and Ephesoft (news, site) brings together the best of a number of things. With it, you get document capture, enterprise content management, CMIS, open source and all brought together for intelligent PDF capture and search and workflow development.

While it is subjective to say that Alfreco’s enterprise content management system is one of the best -- it is at least very good -- with the addition of Ephesoft capture, it will be possible to add PDFs into whatever processes are needed in a enterprise along with all the metadata needed to make it findable.

This is not the first time that the companies have come together to bring integrated solutions and they already have a susbstantial common customer base, so the coming together of the two will provide advantages for enterprises using either one of the proudcts already, or using the two separately.

Alfresco 3.4, Ephesoft 2.2

And It was these kind of deals that the development of the CMIS standard was all about. Ephesoft, an open source document capture specialist, adopted the CMIS standard in September of last year, which gave it extended interoperability with any enterprise content management system that had also adopted CMIS. In this case, it is Alfresco v3.4.

Using Ephesoft, enterprises can archive document metadata or kickstart document-driven business processes in their enterprise ECM through Ephesoft’s intelligent capture.

Along with document capture, the technology capture in its Enterprise 2.2 product also offers scanning, classification, data extraction and document delivery. Because it is developed in JAVA, Ephesoft runs on either Windows or Linux, and users can choose from several ingestion methods.

The companies have been working together too to deliver an integrated customer solution, and already have common business partners worldwide across financial services, insurance, healthcare and government sectors.

PDF Capture

With this partnership, it will manage document capture through scanners, email and fax to create searchable PDFs with metadata tags.

Documents, however, are more than just captured, Ephesoft says; they are learned. This means that Ephesoft can classify the documents and separate them from other documents, or groups of documents, while saving key data elements that enable users to send it into other business processes when needed.

Alfresco v3.4: Image metadata creation

Alfresco v3.4: Image metadata creation

It doesn’t need to be said how widespread the use of PDFs are; just about any official document that can be made will at some point end up as a PDF and, as a result, can be used in the combined technologies from this partnership.

There is also the advantage too that both Alfresco and Ephesoft have similar business models and neither charges initial license fees or user charges, with only annual software support fees.

If you’re in London, you can have a look at it at the “Enterprise-ready Open Source Software Solutions for Financial Sector” event on June 29 at the Hilton London Docklands.