There were indications at Alfresco’s Devcon in November that it was starting to get cozy with Amazon Web Services. This week, they finally come out and said it -- Alfresco is now in the Amazon cloud.

Alfresco’s Cloud Presence

As of this week, Alfresco now comes in three different flavors on AWS which give users across all its targeted verticals like finance, government and healthcare a level of cloud deployment that suits their thinking about the cloud.

You may recall a couple of weeks ago, we reported on research that was done on the cloud and how businesses are responding to it -- the availability of full-cloud, or hybrid cloud on premises solutions was key in gradually moving into the cloud, particularly so in the public sector where Alfresco has a considerable presence.

Alfresco has seen a rising demand for cloud content management and secure file sharing in the cloud. But the one-size-fits-all approach of SaaS-only cloud services doesn’t meet the diverse requirements of our enterprise customers. Complex, global organizations require flexibility and choice in how they deploy -- and that is exactly what Alfresco hosted on AWS offers …” said David Gildeh, Director of Cloud Services, Alfresco.

Alfresco, AWS

Todd Barr at the recent Amazon Re:Invent Conference -- Amazon”s first customer conference ever -- explained on video, exactly what Alfresco has in mind on AWS:

This translates into three different flavors, all of them equally delicious:

  • Alfresco SaaS: This is the collaboration service for enterprise documents and hosted on AWS. It is for simple, business-class collaboration with mobile access and file sharing.
  • Full SaaS application: This is the full Alfresco enterprise collaboration and document management service hosted on AWS. To describe this here would be like trying to describe the entire Alfresco open source platform, as it comes will all the capabilities and is available as an Amazon Machine Image in the Amazon Marketplace. This is a private hosted offering that gives enterprises more control over configuration and customization, enabling integration with legacy enterprise systems or networks.
  • Alfresco One Hybrid ECM: Hybrid appears to be the flavor of the day for many enterprises that are still unsure about a full cloud move, or for those that prefer to keep really sensitive data on-premises, but want economical and flexible business functions for day-to-day business activities. With this, enterprises can deploy a full, private instance of Alfresco Enterprise hosted on AWS for business critical document management behind the firewall and then sync files or folders to Alfresco in the cloud.

Alfresco says that there is no difference between the full enterprise cloud deployment and the existing Alfresco on-premises platform.

Along with three ways to use Alfresco hosted on AWS, the company will also support S3 storage and RDS to offer enterprises ultimate flexibility when incorporating AWS into Alfresco implementations.

If you are interested in understanding Amazon and Alfresco’s relationship in the cloud, check out the video below with Amazon’s Simone Brunozzi, Senior Technology Evangelist for AWS at Alfresco’s Devcon conference in November.