Got lots of unstructured data and little visibility? Maybe you need a ninja to help you keep tabs on it all. Aprigo, whose on-demand data management platform helps thousands of organizations worldwide see their unstructured data more easily through a variety of data dashboards, has released NINJA for Google Docs making it easier than ever to keep track of data no matter where it’s created, updated or shared.

Getting the Big Picture on Unstructured Data

Keeping track of unstructured data created on-premise is high on everyone’s list. Considering that Google Docs is widely used at workplaces, unstructured content may be running wild unbeknownst to IT. Aprigo NINJA’s primary focus is access management and in helping companies understand its data better, Aprigo asks some basic questions:

  • Who has access to a specific data set?
  • Who shouldn’t have access to a data set?
  • What’s accessible to a specific user or group?
  • Who’s doing what with the data?

With Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs, IT managers can reign in the risk while optimizing return on their Google Docs investment. Organizations can assert control by letting them know who is using the application and how, giving IT managers access to data being shared within and outside of the company.

Available as a part of the Google Marketplace, companies can quickly add Aprigo’s NINJA for Google Docs to their Google apps and start browsing through lists of all their company’s documents categorized by document name, owner, number of collaborators or the properties of each individual document (eg. sharing permissions).

Aprigo NINJA for GoogleDocs screenshot.jpg

With Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs, users can gain instant visibility and control into who has access to your company's GoogleDocs from a simple dashboard.

The Risks & Benefits of the Cloud

While Aprigo NINJA affords IT Managers with great visibility and thus control over where company data is, the need for such a solution sheds light on potential risks associated with storing data on the cloud.

There’s no denying that IT managers are on board with the cloud. According to Aprigo’s CEO Gil Zimmerman, it’s the one area that most IT managers agree on because of the flexibility and ease as which data can be stored, backed up and accessed. But with third party applications like Google, one can never be sure where their data is and who has access to it.

Which brings us to the future of mobile enterprise. Mr. Zimmerman is also quite sure that companies must come to terms with letting their employees get the job done, no matter their location or platform. In his words, companies “can’t take a military stance,” adding that taking an aggressive approach which tries to censor and condemn the devices that can be used is usually futile and very time consuming. Applications are constantly changing the way people work.

The best thing for companies to do is to embrace as much as they can using the tools available to them. Ultimately, Aprigo believes that “your data is your data no matter where it is” and their goal is to help companies keep track of it.