Email attachment assistance company, Attachment.Me has announced Attachments Everywhere, a new collection of tools to improve the file sharing experience.

Who are

Founded in 2011, was created on the principle that it was becoming increasingly difficult for users to attach large files to email messages. The company found that this lead to file sharing issues, and a poor and frustrating user experience. Therefore, aims to improve this system by moving it from the “desktop email/file model” to one that’s more structured around communication channels and cloud storage platforms.

Soon after its initial launch, the company took its first steps to achieving this goal by integrating with Gmail, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive to improve how quickly files are uploaded to these systems. Additionally, the company also partnered with Microsoft so that Gmail could connect to Skydrive.

Attachments have been a boring backwater of the computer industry, devoid of innovation, yet critical for our day to day lives," says Jesse Miller, CEO of “Our mission is to... liberate them from the outdated systems and small minded thinking that currently constrains their development."

Attachments Are Everywhere

The launch of Attachments Everywhere is the second phase of Attachment.Me's file and attachment revitalization plan. It aims to give users access to more file sharing, analytics and security features.

These features include:

  • Attachment Analytics: Users receive notifications of when files are viewed or downloaded and who has viewed the file.
  • Social Sharing: Each file or set of files can generate its own webpage, so they don’t always have to be sent as an attachment and can be easily shared through instant messaging and social services like Skype, Twitter and Facebook or as emailed links.
  • Mobile Access: Not only do users have access to files via their desktop, but with the Attachments Everywhere mobile app they can view, add and share files to their cloud storage platform from wherever they are.
  • Attachment Security: With added security features, users not only control who has access to files, but can make these files password protected.

Attachments Everywhere is readily available to those who are interested in or already have an account. Plans range from a free option that has 2 GB of file sharing storage to a pro account that's US$ 9 per month and comes with 25 GB of file sharing storage.