SharePoint Administration and migration to SharePoint go hand in hand. So it makes sense that Axceler, a provider of SharePoint Administration solutions would acquire echoTechnology, a provider of SharePoint migration tools. The rest of the story just makes common sense.

Adding Migration Tools to the Tool belt

With SharePoint 2010 fresh out on the market, there are any number of organizations working with SharePoint 2007 considering their upgrade options. It's certainly a market you will want to be a part of in the next few years.

Axceler, who offers an administration solution for SharePoint, has announced its acquisition of echoTechnology for an undisclosed sum. echoTechnology will not loose any employees due to the acquisition and their Seattle offices will remain in tact. Garry Smith, former CEO of echoTechnology, has become the General Manager of echo products at Axceler.

"Adding SharePoint migration to our product portfolio demonstrates our commitment to enhance and broaden our support for customers managing SharePoint and getting ready for SharePoint 2010," said Michael Alden, President and CEO, Axceler.

ControlPoint 4.0 for Administration

Axceler has also announced the latest version of ControlPoint for SharePoint. Available this month, this latest version supports SharePoint 2010, providing a number of administrative capabilities including:

  • Permissions Management
  • Activity and storage analysis
  • Performance monitoring
  • Governance policies
  • Configuration and deployment tools


Axceler ControlPoint

ControlPoint 4.0 has a single code-base to support the administration of both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. 

Axceler's First Migration Product

Most organizations take a while before they announce a new product that is the result of an acquisition. Of course if it's just a rebranding, or just an announcement, that's a different story.

The first migration product to come from the Axceler/echoTechnology acquisition is called Davinci Migrator for SharePoint. In this case, Axceler hasn't actually released the product, but announced it will be coming sometime in Q3 this year. 

The Davinci Migrator for SharePoint will help organizations migrate from SharePoint 2003 or 2007 to SharePoint 2010. Some of the features that will be in the product include:

  • Dynamic discovery and detailed planning
  • Pre-migration analysis and rules engine
  • Granular and entire site migrations
  • Optimized for large content databases and complex configurations
  • Support for phased migration

According to Garry Smith, the product architecture comes from six years of working with customers and their needs, so you know it's built on real world scenarios.

Joining the Growing List

Both SharePoint Administration and SharePoint migration were huge topics before SharePoint 2010 and will continue to be important for many years to come. Axceler is part of growing list of providers, many of whom we have covered already:

  • AvePoint: SharePoint Migration and Administration
  • Metalogix: SharePoint Migration and Administration
  • MetaVis: SharePoint Migration
  • Quest: SharePoint Administration and migration
  • Vamosa: Content Migration
  • EntropySoft: Content Migration

The list above is just a sampling of providers of administration and migration solutions for SharePoint. The functionality is required, which solution will serve your needs best is matter of requirements, cost and your ultimate choice.