When you're looking to expand your range in a target market, you don't just tiptoe quietly into the arena. You pick a group, develop something they can't refuse and announce your solution to star-studded applause at CeBIT, the largest IT fair in the world. This is how the software solutions gurus at Digital File s.a.r.l. plan on spreading the word about the availability of its cost-effective new document management offering, E-File 4.0. Created with small and mid-sized businesses in mind, it pairs a user-friendly interface with a powerful punch.Cost, simplicity of function and power are factors that can make or break a fledgling enterprise, but mere promises are hardly the long and short of the E-File 4.0 offering. Tangible benefits include: * The ability to manage any document type, regardless of format or source (paper or even e-mail), from a central repository. Administrators may grant tiered access to stored information * Manual and automated batch capture * Search capabilities of varying complexity, as well as a dedicated search-and-retrieve web client * Tree structured browsers * Fax and e-mail integration, as well as records retention and version control * Direct-to-CD publish * Multilingual support * Active Directory integration and scheduled back-ups. Security is managed at multiple levels and detailed log files are maintained through the system, a helpful enterprise tool for e-Discovery compliance Digital File's Managing Director, Camille Dabdab, notes a great brand name doesn't always need to add to the price tag. This attitude is perhaps part of what makes E-File different. "So many small and medium-sized companies decide for large DMS programs because they simply know the brand name," he notes. "That is understandable but most often not reasonable because they pay for functionality they don’t use.“ To support this notion Digital File prominently promotes E-File's bootstrap-friendly price-performance ratio. Dabdab also highlights the expenses and cumbersome processes typically involved in setting up a big-box DMS. More unnecessary expense occurs in the downsizing of inflexible large solutions to fit companies that, while growing, may still be too small to gracefully utilize a complex and unwieldy document management system. E-File is scalable, with simple software licensing procedures and a reasonable price structure, thereby maximizing enterprise time and money. Industry-specific models and unique functionalities are also available, ensuring a near-tailored solution to each business. In addition to takers-on, the company is presently seeking global distributors. Australia, France, Kuwait and Lebanon are already home to partners in the fast-moving Digital File network. Those interested in spreading the gospel of E-File can hit Digital File's booth at CeBIT, booth B94. The conference takes place March 15-21 in Hanover, Germany. Beirut-based Digital File is a division of ACT Holding Group (Automation and Computer Technologies), best known for providing IT solutions in Lebanon, the Middle East and Africa with the facets of six different entities since 1990. The company houses a multiplicity of IT talents hailing from infrastructure solutions, professional support services, training, web hosting, GIS apps and services, insurance software solutions and DMS. Read more about them at the Digital File website.