If you work with video, photos, graphics or animation, sending those large files around can become a major logistical chore. To address your needs, BitTorrent launched a beta of its SoShare file sharing service, permitting files or file bundles up to one terabyte to be shared. 

SoShare, a project of BitTorrent Labs, requires a signup, but anyone can do so. After signing up, a user is prompted to download SoShare’s plugin for Internet Explorer for Windows, Safari for Mac and Chrome or Firefox for either platform. SoShare was first made available in an alpha version a year ago, when it was called Share.

Free for Now

During the beta testing, the service is free but the company said it is looking at options for monetizing the service at some point.

Recipients do not need to be signed up with SoShare. A thumbnail gallery allows the recipient to glimpse an image from the file without opening it. Senders also receive a notification when a file has been opened, there is a function for stopping a file transfer and picking it up later, and users can publish a link and use BitTorrent to share the file. Files shared through SoShare are made available for up to 30 days.

BitTorrent is entering a market that is quickly heating up. Competitors in the file sharing space include YouSendIt, as well as storage and collaboration services such as Dropbox. But YouSendIt’s file limit size for its free service is 50MG, and even its top-of-the-line consumer service, costing US$ 149.99 a year, has a file size limit of 2 GB.

BitTorrent Labs

In addition to its terabyte file size cap, SoShare also has the advantage of BitTorrent’s distributive protocol that uses peer-to-peer sharing, combined with cloud caching. And the company has a user base of 170 million active monthly users. But it has one disadvantage to overcome -- convincing users and the public that it is not involved in bootlegging intellectual property.

BitTorrent Labs are key to that strategy, since the unit is intended to develop and test new features with commercial value. In addition to SoShare, it has offered a personal file-sharing program called Sync, a Chrome extension called Surf and a streaming client called BitTorrent Live.