It's becoming kind of obvious that Box (news, site) is on some kind of integration kick. But it's really not a bad thing when you look at the solutions they are integrating with. The latest: NetSuite.

Taking Cloud-Based Business Apps to the Next Level

NetSuite, like Box, is a cloud solution. It is a full suite of solutions for business including CRM, eCommerce and financials. What is appears to lack is content management, and this is where Box comes in.

The Box integration was built using NetSuite's SuiteCloud development platform. It provides the ability for users to work within the NetSuite application and create, manage and collaborate on documents and other information stored on


Box Account for NetSuite

When viewing a customer record in NetSuite, a user can create folders in Box that will be assigned to that customer record. Files can be then uploaded directly to Box, users can be invited to collaborate and workflow processes can kick in to ensure documents are managed properly.

Also nice is the ability to take advantage of Box's own third-party integrations like fax, email, e-signatures and document editing -- all within NetSuite.


Box Widget in NetSuite

SuiteApps for NetSuite

NetSuite has this website called SuiteApps. SuiteApps offers third party solutions integrated into the NetSuite family. This is where you will find the details on the Box integration. It is a little interesting to note that this integration has been available in some form since 2005, if NetSuite's site is correct.

If you use NetSuite, this new content management capability should interest you. You can trial the Box integration if you aren't sure.