adds workflow and branding capability

At the end of 2009, Nordic River released the API of its TextFlow application, designed to let developers integrate TextFlow into third-party solutions.

This week, they’ve united TextFlow (news, site) with (news, site) in an effort to integrate the input management tool into’s content management and collaboration solution. Now users can compare and merge multiple versions of the same document.

Sharing Documents, Incorporating Feedback

While has always allowed the ability for users to share content online and invite others to view, edit or add their own files, the TextFlow integration serves to simplify the process by letting users merge and track suggestions and text contributions from multiple writers at once. Document feedback can be assessed quickly so that final versions can successfully incorporate's everyone's suggestions.

The application shows collective input at a glance, with different collaborators’ contributions coded by color, allowing the user to compare feedback, accept suggested text and set aside certain suggestions. When the revised version is saved, you’ll be directed back to Box with a new draft.

Watch the video to see how it works.

In order to benefit from the TextFlow integration, however, users must have a paid account and a paid account for TextFlow. As well, only files saved in RTF, .doc and .docx formats can be compared. Yet in return users will benefit from the convenience of increased productivity and a process for streamlining feedback, which is often waylaid by an endless cycle of emails, phone calls and meetings.

One Step for Integration, Endless Possibilities for Workflow

This partnership is probably just the beginning for Nordic River. By providing the API for a tool that could potentially revitalize and improve document management workflow, there may be room for others to capitalize on its functionality. From GoogleDocs to Dropbox, the opportunity to integrate the TextFlow application is potentially endless.