Remember when copier companies were only concerned with paper and camera companies with, uh, cameras? No, us either. Continuing with some non-analog stuff and of course getting the "C Word" in there, Canon Europa has announced an upgrade to its ADOS document management product. ADOS v6.0 -- developed by Canon partner ADOS Corp. -- ensures document indexing, archiving, searching and retrieval can be undertaken securely and easily. The check-in/out feature guarantee that only one person at a time can work on any version of a doc, and provides a consistent modification history. ADOS Web Client is a remote access function that is particularly suited to groups with mobile workforces, such as sales and field-service departments, whereby users can view, add and save annotations to ADOS documents without being on the corp LAN. ADOS V.6.0 also integrates with all Microsoft Office applications, as well as COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) mainframe output storage systems. In a riveting product descriptlet Canon's Guy Westlake informs us that "Canon Europe ADOS fulfills our customers' needs for a flexible, scalable, one-stop document management solution that enhances productivity, facilitates regulatory compliance and offers a swift return on investment." For organizations that already have an existing SAP solution, ADOS offers an SAP connector, allowing users to work from their standard SAP user interface and access the ADOS document repository. However, unlike EMC/Documentum, there does not seem to be much a of SharePoint collaboration, its rather more of a competition we might say.